Saturday, December 8, 2012

Paranomal Book Update


The publisher of my book and I are uncertain exactly when my paranormal book will be published.  I do know it will be sometime between February and August of next year.  In the meantime, I'm putting this blog in a holding pattern, with periodic updates and/or topics about the paranormal as they come up.  I'll resume my weekly blog posts when it gets nearer to the time for my book to be published.

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Friday, November 30, 2012

A Paranormal Incident


(Last week, I had technical difficulties beyond my control, so I didn't get to publish my blog post.  All is well, now, as you can see.)

A couple of weeks ago, Greg and I were staying at someone's town house by ourselves.  While there, something very strange happened to me.  Greg had gone to pick up some breakfast for us, while I was in the upstairs bathroom, getting ready for the day.  I was standing at the bathroom mirror, when all of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a hand towel fall off the rack onto the top of the bathroom cabinet.  Of course, I thought that was a little strange, and tried to figure out why that would have happened.  I hadn't made any sudden, jarring movement to have made it fall.  I placed the towel back on the rack.  I thought no more about it, and dried my hair with my hair dryer.  After I finished, I glanced over at the towel, and it had fallen off again!  (No, the dryer hadn't blown it off, because I later deliberately tried to blow it off, which I couldn't do, as an experiment.)

We'd stayed there several times before, but that same towel had stayed on the rack, as most any normal towel would do.

                                     Normal Towel, Involved in Paranormal Incident

As I stood there, thinking about what had happened to me (twice!), cold chills ran up and down my  spine.  This is the kind of thing that normally just happens on the ghost hunting shows on TV, not to me!  This was the first incident of this type I'd ever encountered, and it was a little frightening.  (However, taking paranormal photographs has never bothered me.)

I mentioned the incident to the owner of the town house, and she said she and her family had never noticed anything strange happening before.  Of course, they'd never actually stayed there, as they'd only rented it out at one time to someone else. 

However, the town house owner did take the time to tell me a paranormal incident that happened to her, not too long ago, in the house where she lives which involved hearing strange noises.

Guess supernatural events are more common than one might think!  It's just that most people don't want to discuss them, out of fear, etc.

I think it's best to share paranormal experiences, because by doing so, you might just help, or at least entertain someone else!

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Just Ghost Stories


A couple of chapters in my soon-to be-published book on the paranormal contain no pictures, just ghostly stories.  One chapter has true paranormal things that have happened to Greg and me and to other people in our families.  The other ghost-story chapter is about true tales that other people have told me for my book.

Personally, I've always enjoyed true ghost stories far more than those that someone just made up, because if the true ones happened to someone else, they might just possibly happen to me.  (Not that I'd want them to!)  Therefore, in my opinion, real ghost stories are truly scarier!

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Spirit Encounters Abroad


When my brother and I were in our twenties, before we met our spouses, we went to Europe twice with money we'd saved.   

We took plenty of pictures, of course, some of which were quite paranormal, as one one might expect with us, having taken the pictures, in a place like Europe which is a hotbed of the paranormal. 

"Spirit Encounters Abroad" is the title of one of the chapters of my soon-to-be-published book.  The chapter has intriguing pictures of some familiar sites which contain ectoplasm, and one photo even has an an eerie apparition!  That is a rather rare occurance, to capture an apparition on film, but that, we were lucky enough to accomplish.

If you love Europe, and if you love wierd things, then you should love this chapter of my new book, the name of which I'll reveal soon!

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Mysterious "Cloud with Orb" Photo


Wow!  I have a very interesting photo for you on this blog post.  It was sent to me by a friend in Greeneville,Tennessee.  This person who took the photo has always had a fascination with clouds and even enjoys photographing them. 

One evening last month, she took a series of three photographs of some pretty clouds from her back porch, when, to her surprise, after looking at the photos, she detected something that looked like an orb in her second one.  (In her first photo, she thought it looked as though the orb might just be forming and in the third one there is no orb in sight.)

The orb in this photo is pretty obvious.  A psychic told me that anomalies that glowed were paranormal in nature.

This Greeneville photographer said she enjoys my blog and thought I might be interested in seeing the photo.  I told her I was, so she sent me an 8x10 hard copy which I photographed with my camera to put on this blog post.

 I also took the photograph to a photo machine in my favorite big box store and cropped it off and enlarged it.  I was amazed at the variety of colors the orb has.  I'd never examined one that closely before.

She said that her husband thinks it looks like a small green ball.  To her, it looks like the planet Earth.  She had even speculated that it might have been the moon, but her husband said that the moon was in "another place in the sky at that time."  Also, he said that the moon would not be in front of the clouds, which is true.

 After enlarging it, to me, it looks like there's a white star in the center of the orb, along with two or three other star shapes.

My husband Greg and I have taken several pictures with orbs, but never so far up in the sky as this one!

Greg thought it might even be a UFO.

What do you think?  Please feel free to send a comment about this unusual phenomenon.

Thanks to the photographer and her husband for sharing this fascinating photo with us!

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One person emailed the following:  "What a wonderful photo!!  When I first saw the orb, I thought it was just the reflection of the sun in the lens of the camerea.  But considering the object's small size and location, I had to dismiss this idea.  The beautiful color and sharpness of this feature almost suggests a UFO-type image.  Thanks for sharing this!!"  BN of Greeneville,TN.  (I appreciate this person's great feedback.)

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Haunted June Tolliver House, Big Stone Gap, Virginia


The June Tolliver House in Big Stone Gap, Virginia, my old home town, actually started my interest in supernatural photography.  My brother, when only a school boy, took a photo of the outside of the world famous Tolliver House that showed a very distinct  apparition in an upstairs window.  The photo is locally famous there, but, hopefully, will be world-famous, as my paranormal book on spirit  photography will be published soon. 

                                    The June Tolliver House, Minus the Ghost

I've written a whole chapter in the book on the June Tolliver House which contains stories of people who have worked there, and, of course, several very interesting photos, some of which were taken by people besides my husband Greg and me.

I'll let you know on this blog when my book is published.

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And, Happy Halloween!

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Haunted Boyhood Home


In last week's blog post, I began telling some things about my new book which will be coming out soon.  This week, I will continue that by discussing one of the chapters in the book, "Haunted Boyhood Home." 

The "boyhood home" I'm referring to is my husband Greg's home where he grew up.  People who lived in the house often heard strange noises, and the maid just swore she knew it was haunted.

                                                 Front Foyer with Ectoplasm

Many years later, Greg and I lived there for a while to help take care of his father.  That was quite an experience, as we heard strange noises, voices, saw a strange hand print, and, of course, took several paranormal pictures.  One night, Greg even saw an apparition!   It was all rather frightening.  Let's put it this way, you couldn't pay me a hundred thousand dollars to spent the night in that house by myself!

There are more details and a lot more photos in my soon-to-be published book. 

Please stay tuned!

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Paranormal Book Preview


In a few short weeks, my paranormal book will be published.  On this blog post, I'll tell some of the contents of that book. 

My husband Greg and I have lived in haunted houses for most of our lives.  In part of my book, we share with the reader the experiences that we had while growing up via the intriguing photographs that were taken during that time.

Here I am as a child on an outing in a park.  Even away from our haunted family home, there seemed to be no escape, as evidenced in this photo with the obvious ectoplasm in the foreground.  Back then, since we didn't know any better, we thought that pictures like this were the result of bad film or that the camera had malfunctioned.

Many years later, after Greg and I got married, we discovered that our first house was apparently a favorite place for spirits to convene which resulted in many fascinating photos during the time that we lived there.

The book, whose title I will reveal around the time that it's published, is full of paranormal pictures that Greg and I have taken, as well as a few pictures that others have taken, including a locally famous one of an apparition that my brother took when he was just a school boy.

Next week, I'll continue with my soon-to-be-published book preview.  In the meantime, if you have anything paranormal you'd like to share, please email me :  .

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Paranormal Mirror


In my 9/14/12 blog post, I discussed grids showing up mainly in old mirrors.  In this post, I have a picture that I took of a new mirror which exhibits paranormal activity, including not only a grid, but ectoplasm as well.

While visiting a woman that I know a few days ago, I noticed this intriguing-looking mirror.  When she left the room, out of curiosity I took out my camera which I always carry with me, and decided to try photographing it to see if anything strange would show up.  I was pleasantly surprised when I did get these paranormal images, because the mirror didn't look to be very old.  The woman later verified that it wasn't old when I asked her about it.

I didn't want to tell her about what I'd just photographed, because I was concerned that if she knew that her mirror was perhaps haunted that she'd be frightened.  I certainly don't want to tell her name, so she will remain anonymous.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Psychic Rip-off


On last week's blog post (Please see the Friday, September 21 post), I featured a mystery photo, one that had a strange light coming from the heavens.  I suggested that if anyone had a clue as to what caused that strange phenomenon, to please contact me by email.  So far, no one has.

This is a photo that I took shortly after the one featured in last week's blog post.  The strange light is still there, it's just not quite as strong.

I have tried to research myself, to no avail.

I even stopped by to see a psychic, but I quickly figured out that she was a fake when she wouldn't allow me to take any notes during the reading.  (A red flag!  There were other red flags, as well.)  I vowed never again to visit another "psychic" who had a big sign in the yard and another flashing "Open" sign in the window.  Most genuine psychics don't need signs.  People "beat a path to the door" of the ones who are good.

A couple of years ago, I consulted a gifted psychic who helped me unravel the mysteries of the photos in my soon-to-be published book on paranormal photographs.  Unfortunately, Elaine passed away last year.  Greg and I still take paranormal photos, but now we have no one to help us interpret their meaning.  We need  to find someone else to fill in where she left off.

In the next few weeks, I'll be looking for a genuine psychic, instead of a rip-off one, to help me sort through the photos (including the ones in these last two blog posts).

When I do get it all sorted out, you'll be the first to know.  Please stay tuned!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Mystery Photo


This week's blog post will be short, but sweet.  In this post, I'd simply like to ask for my readers' help. 

My husband Greg and I were recently on an outing in a local park, and we were taking pictures as we always do to document the events in our lives.  (We have too many photo albums to count, full of pictures, plus many photos on discs, etc.)  Any way, after I'd taken the picture (below), Greg mentioned to me that the photo looked strange.  I made it into a print, and I was amazed, because we'd never gotten a picture like this one before.

                                                          Mystery Photo

So, if any of you that are reading this blog post have any idea as to what caused this phenomenon, if you are psychic or a student of, or an expert on, the paranormal, please contact me and let me know what you think.  In the meantime, this week, I'm going to do research to see what I can come up with.

I'll publish any interesting emails that I get next week, as well as tell you what I found out.  Good luck!  I hope, that together, we can solve the mystery of this photo!

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Spirit Mirror Phenomenon


On this blog post, I'd like to share with you a type of photograph I get a lot of, and that is a paranormal photographic phenomenon known as a grid.  I'd never heard of or seen a grid until we discovered the strange white and dark lines in a mirror of a picture I'd taken.  Greg and I had no idea what these lines could be, so we visited a psychic who explained that they were a common paranormal phenomenon, which was news to us!  Grids are supposed to be messages from the other side.

I never see anything paranormal before I take a picture, so I never know when something weird is going to manifest in my photos.  It's only after the picture has been taken that I'm aware of anything other-worldly.

The only phenomenon that I can always count on to show up consistently in my photos of certain mirrors is the grid.  I've found that old mirrors are generally the ones in which the grids do show up. 

One time, I took a picture of an old mirror (in which a grid always showed up), but this time there was nothing there.  I couldn't believe it!  Had I lost my touch?  Then, I thought I'd try it with the flash on, and there it was.  Apparently, the flash has to be on for this phenomenon to occur.  Case in point, see the two photos below.

                 Photo of an old mirror in a relative's house, with no flash, and no grid.

                       Photo of same mirror using the camera flash, hence, a grid!

(I have several more photos of different grids to share in my book which will be published soon.  Please stay tuned!)

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Columbia Ghost Tour, Revisited


You might have read my previous blog post, "Ghost Tour." (Please see the August 24, 2012 blog post.)  In this post I want to update the tour by telling you what has transpired since then.  First of all, I was rather disappointed in the photographs that we took on the tour.  The best we could tell, all we got was one small orb near the doorway of one of the buildings on the tour.  One of the main problems was that it was so dark that the flash had trouble picking up anything.  Therefore, Greg and I decided to go back to some of the places that were featured on that tour in downtown Columbia, Tennessee.  We went back on Saturday, September 1, one night after the full moon.  (Did you know that the best orb pictures are usually taken before, after, and during the full moon?)  This time, we went earlier in the evening, around dusk.  We discovered that was a much better time, because we did get more things to show up in our pictures.

The evidence-

These two pictures above were taken just seconds apart.  See the bright shiny orb in one picture, but nothing in the other?  (It's always good to take more than one picture of your subject so you can compare the two, as far as paranormal photography goes.)

As I was getting ready to take a picture of this house that was featured on the tour, I noticed that an upstairs light in the window on the left suddenly went off.  This house is a museum which was closed for the day.  We looked for someone to maybe come out or to turn more lights on or off, but they never did.  The only light that we noticed on during both the tour and the night we returned to the house, was the one which lit up the stairway.  (There are several orbs around the window areas and the door.)

                                                   A Spooky-looking Place!
Several doctors have lived in the house above, which is supposed to be very haunted.  It most certainly is haunted, as no one has ever lived in it for very long at a time.  (Notice the orb on the upper right of the house.)

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ghost Stories


A few days ago, I started thinking about the ghost stories I'd been told as a child.  A couple stand out in my mind.  Whether they are true or not, I don't know. Also, whether they are regional stories indigenous to my Appalachian Mountain region, I don't know.  None the less, they are still scary, especially to someone who is impressionable and sensitive.

The first story involves a teenage girl who, every year around the time of the local prom, could be seen standing on a street corner in town by herself, wearing an old-style prom dress.  Several people had seen her disappear into thin air!  That was the very street corner, 20 years earlier, that a girl in a prom dress was killed while riding back home from a prom.

                                             Typical Street Corner after Dark

The second story is about another girl who was dared to go into a graveyard after dark by herself.  As if this weren't bad enough, she had to take a fork and stab it into a grave and then leave.  Her "friends" who were waiting outside the cemetery, heard a terrifying scream.  They ran to see what had happened and found her lying there dead.  It looked as though she had tried to get away, but the fork she had plunged into the ground had caught her dress and had prevented her from doing so!

                                                Typical Graveyard after Dark

Finally, this last story, I know, for a fact, is true and it took place in the Appalachians.  My mother told me about her grandfather who used to deliver the mail on horseback.  One night, as he was making his rounds after dark, he felt someone jump on the back of his horse.  When he quickly turned to get rid of whoever it was, no one was there!  That was a very brave man if he kept making his rounds after that!

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Ghost Tour


Recently, Greg and I had a frightfully delightful time on a local ghost tour in historic downtown Columbia, Tennessee.

                                               On the Court House Steps

The tour was short, sweet (and scary!), and to the point.  By using the word "short," I really mean the perfect amount of time of over an hour.  (We have been on some tours that were so long that we got bored and wished they would just hurry and end.  Once, it got so late that we decided to leave early.)  The tour had just enough history mixed in with the ghostly tales to make it interesting.

Our very professional tour guide was Adam Southern, accompanied by his wife, Kayla.  Both were dressed in Civil War garb which added a nice touch. 

We met at the court house which is supposed to be the most haunted place in the whole area.

There were plenty of tales of murder and mayhem.  Adam also told of his own personal experiences such as his encounter with the lady in white.  Strange things have even happened during the tour itself several times.

Since Adam works at the library, he has researched the ghostly goings-on in the town very thoroughly.  (The library was also one of the ten places featured on the tour.)

The only spirit photograph that we took on the tour was one that showed a small orb near the door of one of the buildings.

All in all, it was a memorable evening, reasonably priced, that I would highly recommend to anyone who likes to "walk on Columbia's dark side," as it says on the tour info.

Columbia Ghost Tour
Columbia, Tennessee
(931) 626-8368

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Haunted Workplace


                   Battlefield with faint orbs and frosty-looking grass in the summer!

My husband Greg works at a city utility building (which will remain anonymous!) that is on a civil war battlefield which was the site of one of the bloodiest battles in the war.  He and his fellow workers have often had strange things happen while working at the water department filter plant.

Several times, Greg has seen something out of the corner of his eye, but when he looked around, nothing would be there!  Once, it was like a shadow moving along the floor.

One night, a worker at the plant said that when he entered one of the rooms, he found all of the utility certificates (that had been hanging on the wall) on the floor.

Another night, while in the break room, Greg and another guy he was working with, two different times, several days apart, heard the sound of a door latching.  No one else was in the building either time.  The guy with Greg said he was used to hearing noises like that. 

As if all this weren't enough, a few times Greg and a co-worker heard voices, like a conversation going on.  It happened once when Greg was listening to the radio, and it happened to the co-worker when he was back-washing a filter.  Apparently the entities use these devices to help them manifest sounds.

It's not just sights and sounds, at the filter plant.  Greg said that a few times when he was outside at work at 3:00 AM that he noticed the smell of perfume in the dead of winter!

In addition, Greg said that there is constantly a problem with the instruments at the filter plant which are run by electricity.

Used to, Greg had to work many nights by himself.  He just tried to stay busy and concentrate on his job (which I'm sure he always does anyway!).

Of course, night is prime time for spirits, but the ghostly goings-on are not just limited to after dark, because on the day shift, several of the workers have heard a strange knocking sound on the wall.

Greg and these other guys are braver than I would be! They certainly do earn their money!

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Friday, August 10, 2012

I Take Spirit Photos!


I have been interested in the paranormal since I was a child.  Even now, I have a childlike wonder of subjects such as space aliens, Stonehenge, crop circles, and, of course, ghosts.  I love shows that feature strange phenomena.  I'm most curious about ghosts, since I discovered a few years ago that I had the knack of taking pictures of the spirit world.  (I'm not alone in this as my brother and even my husband also have this same ability!)  We're nothing special.  We're just ordinary people who have had some extraordinary photographic experiences.

I plan to have a book out soon which details our adventures into the unknown.

I'd like to share with you a couple of my copyrighted supernatural photos.

I am a re-designer and organizer as well as an amateur photographer.  One day, as I was rearranging some furniture in a client's house, I noticed some ectoplasm in a photo I'd taken while documenting "before" and "after" pictures, as I always do when I work on a job.  (Believe it or not, most of the time, I don't even think about taking pictures of spirits, nor do I see them ahead of time.  They just occasionally decide to show up when I least expect it!)

                                       The ectoplasm is pretty obvious in this photo.

My mother and I were greeting someone we know when my husband Greg snapped this photo.

It looks as though the tiny orb above this man's head (whose face is blacked out for privacy) is reflecting on his bald spot.  Guess some orbs even have a sense of humor!

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Falcon Rest


A few weeks ago, Greg and I visited a really interesting place, Falcon Rest Mansion and Gardens.

We had a delicious lunch there which even included pink lemonade!

We also enjoyed browsing their gift shop which is chock full of all sorts of intriguing items.  We even bought a couple of things.

Afterwards, we took an informative tour of the mansion.

The tour turned into a semi-ghost tour as we questioned our tour guide about some eerie things that we'd read about on the Falcon Rest web site, including a figure in one of the windows of the old house.

This is our own picture of the haunted window, but we don't believe anything strange showed up in our photo as the eerie-looking ectoplasm is merely clouds reflected in the panes of glass.

She told us several personal paranormal experiences she'd had there, including a child's ball rolling on its own!

Visitors aren't allowed to take pictures inside the mansion.  If we had taken some, we know we'd have left with a lot of  interesting photos!

We toured the beautiful grounds on our own.

There are all kinds of fun things to do at Falcon Rest.  Be sure and check out their great web site.

Falcon Rest Mansion & Gardens
2645 Faulkner Springs Road
McMinnville, TN 37110

We'd love to hear about any ghostly experiences you've had.  Please e-mail us- .

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Energy Vortex


A vortex is an area that emits powerful electromagnetic energy.  There are several vortexes on earth such as Stonehenge and the Bermuda Triangle, to mention a couple of the most famous ones.  You can find others by doing a search on the Internet for one near you.

Greg and I recently visited a vortex in our area.  It was a place that was once sacred to a tribe of Native Americans thousands of years ago.

We spent the day there, hiking and trying to see if we could feel any special energy.

While there, we just enjoyed being out in nature, taking in the many wonderful sights and sounds.

                            There is plenty of chi (energy) around bodies of water.

And, we were lucky enough to snap this paranormal  photo which shows an area that was sacred.  Notice the almost orb-shaped lavender on the tree which I never saw before taking the picture.

(Being at these vortex areas is supposed to enhance your psychic abilities and make you more energetic.  I don't know about being more energized, because when we got back home, we were so exhausted from all that hiking that we fell into bed and slept almost ten hours, which is something we never do!)

I would have to say that the trip to our local vortex was an adventure that we'll never forget.  It was definitely worth the effort!

Reminder: Be sure and send in any paranormal info you'd like to share on this blog to .  I'll list your first name, city, and state if I publish whatever you've sent.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

My First Paranormal Blog Post

Welcome to Spirit Photographs!

This is the very first blog post of my new blog, "Spirit Photographs." (I have another blog, "The Art of Positive Living," on Blogger.)

                  Upper Windows of a Haunted House, the Subject of a Future Blog Post

I'm writing a blog about the paranormal, (According to the online Thesaurus, "paranormal" means "supernatural,...ghostly, metaphysical, mysterious,...unearthly".) because I love delving into the unknown.  Even as a child, I was fascinated by things out of the ordinary.  I was even more intrigued when my little brother, Nick, took a picture with his inexpensive camera of a supernatural entity in the window of a historic old house in Southwest Virginia.  (Please see the 7/24/11 blog post, "June Tolliver House, Big Stone Gap, Virginia" on my other blog, "The Art of Positive Living" for more info.)

Years later, I discovered that not only my brother, but my husband and I, as well, had the unusual ability to take photographs of the paranormal.

In fact, I have written a book about our experiences which I plan to have published soon.  I'll let you know later when my book is published, hopefully, as both a paperback and an e-book.

On this blog, I'll discuss all types of paranormal subjects, and would welcome anything you, the reader, would like to share about the supernatural.  If you decide to e-mail any stories, etc., my e-mail address is  I'll list your first name and your city and state, along with your paranormal info, news, or tidbit.

Personal paranormal tidbit: My earliest recollection of the paranormal was when I was around three or four years old.  One night, I went into another room and started screaming.  My mother came running to see what was wrong, and I told her I had seen a hand.  I couldn't remember all the details, as I had been so frightened.  She tried to show me that it had been only a shadow, but I wasn't convinced!

                       Our Cats, Mitzi and Kallie, Have the Uncanny Ability to See Spirits!

These blog posts will be posted sometime during the day every Saturday.

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