Saturday, July 15, 2023

"Haunted Places"


There is always something paranormal to write about since there are so many haunted places!

In this blog post, I have three instances of paranormal occurrences.

The first one is an update about an old house and the land it sits on, in Abingdon, Virginia. I previously wrote about it in my last two "Spirit Photographs" blog posts. (Please see my Saturday, May 20 and Saturday, June 17, 2023 posts for more information about this house and land.)

Recently, I talked with a psychic about this property, and she said that the ectoplasm was there because of "Civil War stuff." (Apparently, Civil War battles were really widespread throughout this whole region. She'd told me previously that battles were fought on the land where we live.)

She said that the bright ball of ectoplasm on the ground to the right...

From a Previous Photograph

was the spirit of a Confederate soldier who was 22 years old when he was killed fighting. He was in pain before he died. He had a girlfriend, and he felt sad that he wouldn't get to have a future life.

There were dead people around him. (See the other ectoplasm to the left of the ball of ectoplasm.) So his trauma was left there, along with the trauma of the others.

In my two previous posts, there was also ectoplasm near and on the house. I assume that it was also related to the Civil War, although she didn't say so.

I have a second photograph of a hill that is behind a regional garden center. I took the picture because I thought it would make a nice photograph, but little did I know that faint ectoplasm would show up in the lower center of the photo, near the rocks.

I assume that this hill is haunted because one or more animals (or even a person) probably died there, no telling how long ago.

Lastly, I heard about an abandoned, creepy town here in the United States that is so haunted that it's illegal to even visit there! The town is Dudley Town, Connecticut. It is believed that the strange deaths and other weird happenings there were the result of the Dudley family curse.

Not only is this a place you wouldn't want to visit, you certainly wouldn't want to live there, even if you could!

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, August 19, 2023, Becky