Saturday, June 16, 2018

Sending Love from Beyond the Grave?


I have a really interesting photo to show you today! This is not one of mine or one of Greg's; it's one that my brother sent me, and it is, as you might guess, PARANORMAL!

A few weeks ago, we were having a little email chat, and on one of those emails that Nick sent was the photo below-

This is a photograph of the old house where Nick and I grew up in Southwest Virginia. Nick was visiting the area so he drove by and snapped this great picture.

I started wondering if there was anything paranormal about this photograph, so I enlarged and studied it. Sure, enough, it didn't take long to find something very unique, very strange in this photo.

In this close-up, notice the glowing white heart on the door! The heart was not something hanging on the door, and it's nothing to do with the curtain. The reason I know this for a fact is that he also (thankfully!) sent me another photo which was taken directly in front of the house, and no heart was there! (However, some ectoplasm did show up in a couple of the windows.)

I told Nick that I thought the heart was sent by the spirits of Mama and Daddy to show their love. Of course, they used to live there, and probably still visit from time to time. (Or maybe they still live there!)

I know for a fact that this house is haunted. I wrote about it in my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind" which is now available either in paperback or as a Kindle download on Amazon. Please see the widget with a picture of my book (above) to order.

Most of the paranormal photos in my book (over 100!) were taken by my husband, Greg, and me (Becky Arnott). Also, Nick has a photo in my book, the regionally famous June Tolliver House ghost photo which is really spooky! See what you think is in the window!

On the outside of a haunted house, most of the time, ghosts and other types of ectoplasm often show up either on the doors or in the windows.

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, July 21, 2018, Becky