Sunday, October 21, 2018

Halloween Blog Post


I have a very special Halloween blog post for you since Greg and I got to visit a very special place in St. Francisville, Louisiana, The Myrtles Plantation!

Here it is!-

Although it's a very attractive place, The Myrtles has a dark secret, it's "one of America's most haunted homes"!

Greg and I became aware of The Myrtles from various television shows like "Ghost Hunters."

We enjoyed an interesting, informative tour of the historic antebellum house.

We were pleased that we got to take pictures (without a flash, except for one mirror) since that's what we love to do. (Some historic homes don't allow any pictures to be taken.)

Greg and I took several pictures of the house, but we found that the room above was the most haunted. Notice the red color emanating from the light above this portrait. There is also ectoplasm to the right of the closer vase, at the bottom of the portrait (two places), and on the the wall to the left of the mantle, there is a white orb (unless, instead, it's actually something mundane like a light switch!)

Here's another room in this lovely home, but we didn't catch anything on camera in this room. Instead, when you look into the green room to the left, there is something strange there.

Here's a close-up of that room-

Notice the white orb! Guess what? This is the very same room that has the ectoplasm near the portrait above (two pictures back). This is also the room with a creepy little girl portrait that was finished from a "sitting" after she died!

You never can predict what will happen when you take paranormal pictures.

Some days, some places, you'll easily get lots of great paranormal photos. Other times. the orbs, ectoplasm, and apparitions are few and far between even in the most haunted of houses.

There are different reasons why your paranormal photographs turn out to be good or not so good:

-The weather-for instance, stormy weather seems to attract more spirits, etc,
-You need to use a flash when photographing old mirrors. Otherwise, most of the time, nothing significant will show up.
-The photographer needs to be in a good frame of mind.
-Sometimes, spirits hide, which makes capturing them on camera impossible.
-Usually, taking plenty of pictures insures success in getting paranormal photos.
-Sometimes you get paranormal photos when you're least thinking about them. It's best not to try too hard. 

For example, I was just taking a picture of this lovely country road in Mississippi when the large moving orb was picked up on camera. Wow! Love it!

Now, you might want to try your own paranormal photography skills which can be quite an adventure!

There's plenty to do the next couple of weeks Halloween-wise-visiting haunted houses, forests, etc. (fake and real), trick-or-treating, attending Halloween parties, or even hosting a party of your own!

You might want to head to The Myrtles Plantation in the deep South where you possibly could see or hear something supernatural like some of  the workers and some of the visitors have. If you're brave enough, you could even spend the night there! Find out about the legend of Chloe, and get a paranormal Chloe postcard like Greg and I did! Great inexpensive souvenir!

Anyway, whatever you choose to do this Halloween, be safe and have fun!

Thanks for visiting! Until, Saturday, November 17, 2018, Becky