Saturday, September 15, 2018

"Haunted Franklin Tour"


A few days ago, Greg and I went on one of the several "Franklin on Foot" tours. Ours was the "Haunted Franklin Tour" which was fantastic! We got a private tour with our entertaining and informative guide, Alicia.

She took us to several places that are on the regular tour-

In the above photo, Alicia is telling us about this Franklin restaurant,"Biscuit Love," and it's haunted history. The paranormal activity has subsided since a certain item has been removed from this place, but not entirely, as you can see upon closer examination. Notice the small orbs which show up against the gray part of the building.

Most of the time, the ghost tours are on the outside of the buildings in Franklin, but we got to peek in a couple of windows and take pictures, which resulted in some of our best spirit photos.

This is the interior of Eaton House in which there is ectoplasm galore-on the ceiling, on the back of the desk, in the doorway, on the side of the picture frame, and on the arm of the seat. There is also some glowing ectoplasm on the stairway banister.

I took four pictures of this same room from the same angle, but no two are alike since the ectoplasmic formations are all different.

Greg and I also got to take pictures through the glass at "Shuff's Music." We photographed the mirror which is inside "Shuff's."

Look at all of the orb activity in this photo that Greg took of the mirror! Amazing!

Mine is very similar to Greg's, but it even looks like a ghostly image on the stairway in this one.

The outside of "Shuff's" shows spirit activity as well.

Just look at the obvious orbs in this photo, as well as the less obvious ones.

"Shuff's" was the place that Greg and I requested to go on the tour since we knew that it was very haunted. We had been there a few weeks before on our own during the daytime when I got some ectoplasm in a photo that I took of this side of the building.without even using a flash.

In fact, Alicia said that this area where "Shuff's" is located, on 3rd Ave. N., is the most haunted block of the most haunted street in the South! We believe it!

Of all of the photos that Greg and I took on this tour, we got paranormal activity in about two-thirds of them!

Franklin, Tennessee is one of the most haunted places we have ever visited, and the ghost tour is a must for those who are interested in the paranormal.

Our advice in a word is, "Go!" (If you dare!)


Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, October 20, 2018, Becky