Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Importance of Psychics


My last two blog posts have been about psychic ability.  I mentioned that some people are gifted with extraordinary psychic ability.  Some of these people are professionals; they charge clients fees for giving them advice in the form of readings.  These readings can be in person, by phone, by email, or even by mail.

I've been interested in the psychic world ever since I can remember.  When I was just a teenager, I went to my first psychic whom I'd heard about from a classmate.  My mother drove me to the psychic's house about three miles away from where we lived and waited for me in the car.  To get up to the psychic's house, I had to grab onto weeds to help me climb up a steep hill.  The doors to her house were all open, and all I remember about the reading was the fact that chickens kept running in and out of her house while I was there.  That was a memorable adventure to say the least!

Things have come a long way since that day, and I have consulted several psychics which have greatly helped me along my life's journey.  In my opinion, they are better than regular counselors since they have the advantage of psychic insight into any situation.

One of Greg's and my favorite psychics is Bobby Drinnon.  He also has celebrities among his clients.  He is very gifted and  helped guide us for several years.  He told me I had writing talent which surprised me; I had no idea I could write until then.  If I hadn't gotten this advice from him, there would never have been a "Spirit Photographs" blog or a "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind" book.  He is so good that he is booked up for years in advance.  His website is really interesting; he has great insights on life.

When I needed someone to help me interpret my paranormal photos to include in my book, I looked for a psychic who lived near us and was readily available.  I contacted the head of a metaphysical group, and she recommended psychic Elaine Watson.  This talented psychic had an important impact on my life.  She not only did a great job on interpreting my photos, but she also encouraged me to get my book published, because it was "Awesome!"

Just recently, I discovered psychic Justin Chase Mullins, one of the top psychics in the world.  He was one of those featured in the October 2013 "Ghosts of the Gap" event in Big Stone Gap, Virginia which I wrote about in an earlier blog post.  He did an email reading for me in which he urged me to continue with my writing, and said that my next two books would be very successful.

While I'm not endorsing any specific psychics, I just wanted everyone to know that truly gifted psychics like the ones above (all from East Tennessee) can made a positive difference in people's lives.  I know they have Greg's and mine!

In conclusion, whether we visit psychics or tap into our own intuition, psychic ability is to be used for the betterment of our lives.  Why not take advantage of this marvelous gift?

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Is the Paranormal Evil?


This blog post is somewhat of a continuation of last week's post, "A Talent for the Paranormal," in which I tried to explain that we are all psychic to varying degrees; it's just a little more developed in some people than in others.  Some people are just naturally more talented than others in their psychic abilities (just like in art, for example), but we all can learn to develop that talent to become better psychics.  Psychic ability is a God-given talent and is not evil unless it's misused, just like anything else.

You may see a ghost or hear footsteps or other strange noises when no one else is in the house or you might capture orbs on film, but that doesn't make you evil.  In the same way, there are people who are professional psychics who are good at sensing the paranormal almost any time.  That doesn't make them evil just because they have outstanding psychic abilities.  The only difference between the average person and a professional psychic is a matter of degree.

Some people may think that the hundred or so photos in my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind" are weird or evil.  Not so!  Spirits and ghosts are all around us whether we care to admit it or not.  They're just on a different plane than we are, and when conditions are right, and psychic ability comes into play, the camera simply picks up the image of that entity.  Just like on our plane of existence, there are good and evil spirits in the spirit world.  In fact, I'd sometimes rather come in contact with someone from the spirit world than I would some of the people I know here on Earth!

When I participated in the "Ghosts of the Gap" event in Big Stone Gap, I demonstrated taking a picture of a grid in an antique mirror.  People were amazed that I could do that, but I encouraged others to try, and a couple of participants were able to duplicate what I had done.  You just don't know until you try.  At that same event, a woman looked at me and said, "I have the ability to take a lot of paranormal photos like you do."  I asked her if she felt weird about it, and she said she didn't.  She has just accepted it as part of who she is; it's her gift.

Let me know about any paranormal feats you or someone else you know have accomplished.  Who knows?  You might just end up in a second paranormal book I'm working on.

Although some people can't seem to handle my present book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind," (because of the subject matter), I've had some really nice comments, as well.  Many have described my book as "awesome," "interesting," "terrific," and "excellent."

I do appreciate all of your nice comments, your support of my "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind" Facebook page (through your "likes," etc.), and those of you who have bought my book and are recommending  it to others.

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(Note: I'll resume putting photos on my blogs when I get a technical concern taken care of.)  (Update-I have resolved this issue, thankfully!)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Talent for the Paranormal


A talent, according to "Webster's New World Dictionary" is "any natural ability or power, a superior ability in art, etc."

There are so many things that a person might have a talent for: art, music, speaking, writing, sewing, organizing, dancing, sports, etc.  Great psychic ability is also a talent.

We all have a sixth sense or intuition which, according to "Webster's New World Dictionary," is the immediate knowing of something without the conscious use of reasoning", but someone with exceptional psychic ability can help find lost items or missing people, accurately describe people's characteristics and motives, and even tell the future.  Genuine psychics can be very helpful in counseling people.  It's the fake psychics that give the profession a bad name.  However, no psychic is a hundred percent accurate, just as no one in any profession is perfect.

While we may not be as gifted as Sylvia Browne, we can still develop our psychic abilities which can be very beneficial, because intuition is supposed to be superior to the intellect, as intuition knows the future outcome, whereas logic does not.

Psychic ability can take many forms, like predicting the future, seeing, hearing, and/or sensing ghosts and spirits, and photographing the paranormal.

I personally can't tell the future, and I've never seen a ghost with my eyes, except after I've taken a picture of one!  (My husband and brother also have the ability of taking spirit photos.)

I once asked a psychic why I'm able to take paranormal photos, that I felt it was all too weird.  She replied that my ability was "God's gift."  I later asked our sometimes landscaper (who is also a licensed psychiatrist!)  the same question and he said I had a gift.  That made me feel a lot better!

I have a God-given gift, and I'm using it to the best of my ability; I'm trying to share it with the world with my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind." 

If you haven't already, please get my book and read it.  Bet you'll be glad you did!

"Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind"
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Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Haunted B & B?


Hope your 2014 is going great so far!

I've been looking over our holiday pictures and noticed an interesting one I'd like to share with you.  It's a photo of a room in a B & B where Greg and I recently stayed. 

                  It looks as though a spirit is attached to this chair.  What do you think?

We were wondering if the place was haunted.  I guess this photo gave us the answer to that one.  I took several pictures of this pretty Victorian B & B, but this is the only paranormal one I found.

 I'm sure I'd get a lot more paranormal photographs if I were to turn on my flash more, but I really prefer taking existing light photos, unless it's just way too dark to get a decent photo otherwise. 

A psychic once told Greg and me that in order to get good paranormal photos, you need to take pictures in the dark and let the flash do its job.  However, 95 percent of the time that I'm taking photos, I don't even think about taking paranormal ones.  I just enjoy taking pictures.  The paranormal ones are just icing on the cake for me.

The above photo is just one small sample of the types of photos that are in my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind."

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