Sunday, November 17, 2019

A Haunted Swamp?


For the past few years, Greg and I have had to travel quite a bit from Middle Tennessee to East Tennessee since we have family there. Now that we live in Southwest, Virginia, we go back to Middle Tennessee occasionally to take care of some things.

On our 5-6 plus hour-long trips, we nearly always stop at our favorite convenience store on the way that has a pond that is actually run-off from the parking lot. We fondly refer to it as "The Swamp."

Since I do photography and sell downloads of my photos, I take lots of pictures everywhere I go. This swamp is at times actually very picturesque with its wildflowers and green algae covering the water. I've gotten many amazing photographs there.

But, one of the most amazing is this one below-

This is a photo I took at night in which there appears to be a large orb with some ectoplasm.

I've taken pictures there before, during the day, and I've gotten ectoplasm in some of those.

For some reason or other, this place seems to be really haunted. It could be because of wildlife like birds, snakes and even beavers that have perished there.

It would make a great setting for a murder mystery, a body found there in the swamp!

Anyway, for the most part, like most places, this run-off or pond or swamp looks harmless enough during the day unless you get ectoplasm in your photographs, but it looks and feels really eerie at night.

In the meantime, what was going on at the local dump a few months ago? (See photo below.)


(Here's a special, rather shocking note, something I just noticed a few minutes ago, just as I was getting ready to publish this post: There are two small orbs on the umbrella in the photo above! That is something to contemplate, to try to explain. Food for thought!)

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, December 21, 2019, Becky