Saturday, November 5, 2016

Haunted Lake Lure Inn


A few weeks ago, Greg and I met some of our family members at hauntingly (literally!) beautiful Lake Lure, North Carolina.

Lake Lure is a wonderful place for recreational activities such as boating and hiking. Also, you can dine, relax, and just have fun.

And, if you're into the paranormal, there are two places to spend the night that are supposed to be haunted.

One is the "Lodge on Lake Lure." We've never stayed there, but according to some sources, this place is very haunted.

The other haunted inn is "The 1927 Lake Lure Inn & Spa." We've stayed there twice, and we believe it is haunted. The first time we stayed there was last year. I wrote a blog post about it, "The Haunting Lure of a Lake" (7/4/15) which you might want to check out.

The inn doesn't try to hide the fact that it is haunted, as you can see from this newspaper article that is on display in the lobby-

Several people, including workers at the inn, as well as visitors, have seen and heard some very strange things there.

"The (Haunted) 1927 Lake Lure Inn & Spa" 

Perhaps the most notable evidence of a ghost is a photo taken during a wedding reception several years ago which shows the ghostly figure of either a man or a boy.

Here's the link to the above-mentioned photo and more info on the two haunted Lake Lure inns which you might find chillingly interesting!-

Also, I want to let you know about a little-known Halloween event that our sister-in-law Cris told us about. It's the "Halloween Weekend on Mackinac Island" at which time there are sales going on at their downtown shops, as well as "epic" costume parties, and "chilling" ghost tours. It looks intriguing and fun! Greg and I are considering going next year.

For a search of this annual event, just type in "Halloween Weekend on Mackinac Island."

Hope you had a happy Halloween!

And, hope you have a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

Thanks for visiting! Until, Saturday, December 3, 2016, Becky