Friday, September 14, 2012

Spirit Mirror Phenomenon


On this blog post, I'd like to share with you a type of photograph I get a lot of, and that is a paranormal photographic phenomenon known as a grid.  I'd never heard of or seen a grid until we discovered the strange white and dark lines in a mirror of a picture I'd taken.  Greg and I had no idea what these lines could be, so we visited a psychic who explained that they were a common paranormal phenomenon, which was news to us!  Grids are supposed to be messages from the other side.

I never see anything paranormal before I take a picture, so I never know when something weird is going to manifest in my photos.  It's only after the picture has been taken that I'm aware of anything other-worldly.

The only phenomenon that I can always count on to show up consistently in my photos of certain mirrors is the grid.  I've found that old mirrors are generally the ones in which the grids do show up. 

One time, I took a picture of an old mirror (in which a grid always showed up), but this time there was nothing there.  I couldn't believe it!  Had I lost my touch?  Then, I thought I'd try it with the flash on, and there it was.  Apparently, the flash has to be on for this phenomenon to occur.  Case in point, see the two photos below.

                 Photo of an old mirror in a relative's house, with no flash, and no grid.

                       Photo of same mirror using the camera flash, hence, a grid!

(I have several more photos of different grids to share in my book which will be published soon.  Please stay tuned!)

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