Saturday, April 17, 2021

Haunted or Not?


I have written several blog posts about our unfinished cabin, and now, here's another one about our cabin!

This is my latest cabin photograph. It looks harmless enough.

As I've mentioned previously, I believed that our cabin was haunted because of some of the ectoplasm that showed up in some of my photographs, taken both inside and out. Also, a psychic that I consulted by phone said that she thought that the cabin was actually built on top of a slave graveyard!

Since the cabin is unfinished, so far we have used it only for storage and for yard sales.

The past ten days, it has been the temporary home for one of our cats, Kit-Cat, a stray that we've been feeding. Kit-Cat had to have emergency surgery, so we let it recuperate in our cabin.

Here (above) is a photograph I took of Kit-Cat on an old comforter inside the cabin. The photo looks a little blurred. I was disappointed that the image was not sharper, and it was too dark. I obviously did not use a flash. I usually don't use one as I prefer existing-light photos. The only thing I changed about the photo was adding my watermark.

This second photo (above) is much lighter (I didn't use a flash on this one either!), and it's a lot more blurred than the first one. Here, again, I just added my watermark. 

Actually, I took four pictures. The first one was light and very blurred, the second one was dark and slightly blurred, and the ones above are the third and fourth photos.

While I was taking the pictures, I felt very frustrated because when I tried to push the button down on the camera, it hesitated on taking the picture at least a couple of times. Maybe it was because of the low light. I don't know. Perhaps it was something else! Was something messing with my camera?

Anyway, I was somewhat perturbed that the strange photos might be because of something paranormal. I was especially upset because of the fact that before we put Kit-Cat into the cabin, I smudged the cabin using a sage smudge stick, and demanded that any negative, evil entities leave the cabin forever. In fact, I told them to leave our entire property immediately! I said that only positive, good entities would remain. I also sprinkled salt in all four corners of the cabin to further get rid of any negative energy!

Good news! Today, Kit-Cat got out of the cabin, and went back to her normal life just outside our house, in the yard that she apparently loves. She seemed fine, better than ever. I thought about the blurred photos, and decided that the camera may not have operated properly because of the low light, or maybe because there were some helpful, healing spirits that were there with Kit-Cat, helping her to recuperate, because after the first couple of days of her being in the cabin, she seemed to settle down, and she did just fine. She even seemed to thrive.

Positive spirits are very acceptable, but, of course, the negative ones are not!

So, is the cabin haunted or not? The best I can tell is that positive energy is all that remains there. So, a happy ending for us all!

For more true stories about the paranormal, both in the United States and abroad, please check out my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind" on Amazon. Just click on the widget above for more information.

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Saturday, March 20, 2021

More Spirits in the Snow from the Past



And, welcome spring!

This is the first day of spring, and although I don't like talking about snow on the first day of spring, there is something I'd like to share on this blog post that you might find interesting.

Last month, I wrote a blog post entitled "Spirits in the Snow and More" on 2/20/21. On that post, I have a photograph of our current house with snow coming down, and mixed with the snow are orbs and other types of ectoplasm.

A few days ago, I was looking through my many photos, eliminating some and putting others into their appropriate folders, when I happened to notice for the first time something strange in three of my photos of our very first house which was in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Here is one of the photographs of our old house that shows orbs and ectoplasm as well as snowflakes-

Notice how large some of the orbs are, and how many of them seem to glow. Some of the orbs are almost transparent. If you notice carefully, you can even see ectoplasm in the snow on the ground in front of the shrubs which are on the left.

The orbs and ectoplasm are no surprise to me, because Greg and I knew that this house was very haunted. In fact, I wrote a chapter about our old house in my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind." Please see the widget above for more details about my book which is for sale on Amazon.

A few days ago, I thought I'd start my spring cleaning, organizing, etc. at our current house in Virginia. As I was going through some boxes of memorabilia, I came across some writing I'd done for an English class when I was in college. I thought it would be somewhat appropriate for the blog post I'm writing now. 

Here it is-

 "Dead of Winter"
 Stark trees are etched against the steel-grey sky which unloads its snow-burden, entombing the lifeless landscape below.-Becky Arnott

Winter is gone for now, however, and a new season has arrived. We'll see what paranormal activity  we'll encounter during the next few months. Stay tuned, and happy spring!

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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Spirits in the Snow and More!



I have several things to share with you this month, spirits (ectoplasm) in the snow and even more!

We've had quite a bit of snow this winter where we live. I was really excited when we had a pretty good snow of about three inches so I could take some pictures of our house in the snow. We're been here at our new location for only about a year and a half, and we got very little snow last year.

I took five pictures of our house in the snow, and all five had ectoplasm somewhere either on the house or in our yard! I never dreamed that would happen. I just wanted some pretty photos of our house in the winter. Guess I'll just have to settle for pretty photos of our house in the winter with ectoplasm!

Here's a close-up photograph of our house with several bunches of ectoplasm. Also, notice the ectoplasm down low on the trees and above the bush in the yard. 

There's probably even more ectoplasm in my photos, but it's hard to see it since it would be white against white.

More outdoor spirit activity-

This is a picture of our deck at night. I was trying to take a picture of the stray cat which has recently become our adopted outdoor cat. Taking pictures in the darkness is not the easiest thing to do, but this photo paid off as far as getting paranormal activity! The light in the background is from a pole lamp, but if you look closely, you can see the moving orbs near the light.

I'm nor concerned about these spirits in the snow or on the deck since they're outside, and they don't bother us. 

I consulted a psychic not long ago about spirits on our property, and she said that our house was not haunted, but there were spirits of Civil War soldiers that made an appearance from time to time, and they were not harmful. For more about what the psychic told me, please see my 12/19/20 blog post, "Answers from the Psychic."

You can see many more spirit photographs in my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind" which is for sale on Amazon. See the widget above for more information.

Take care!

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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Haunted? Cabin in the Snow



Here we are in the throes of winter, as evidenced by this photograph that I recently took of our little cabin in the snow-

Is This Cabin Haunted?

As a mentioned on my last blog post on 12/19/2020, "Answers from the Psychic," I said that I would tell what the psychic I consulted said about our nearby cabin.

When I mentioned the word "cabin" to the psychic, she said "slaves." I then told her that our neighbor had said that there was a slave graveyard near our house, probably either behind our house on a hill which is about 500 feet away or around another neighbor's workshop which is about 200 feet away. The psychic then said that our cabin was actually on top of the slave graveyard! Wow, that's certainly not anything that I wanted to hear!

I was speechless after she said that, and after the reading, I discussed what she said about the cabin with Greg. We decided that it wasn't really anything to be alarmed about. It had been several weeks since we had heard any noises coming from inside the cabin, and I hadn't recently gotten any paranormal photographs either inside or outside the cabin.

We currently use the unfinished cabin to store our yard sale items. If we decide to finish it sometime in the future, to turn it into either a guest house or a rental house, I can get out my smudge stick and do a ritual to get rid of any entities that might be haunting the place. (Some people, though, might actually want to stay in a haunted cabin which is something to consider!)

Right now, we feel pretty good about the lack of anything paranormal on our property, and we hope it stays that way! However, the paranormal is pretty unpredictable, and you just never know!

I'll still have plenty of things to write about elsewhere as the world is full of the supernatural, especially around the old towns near us! Stay tuned!

For more information about our cabin, please see my previous "Spirit Photographs" blog posts, and for even more information about the paranormal, check out my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind" which is for sale on Amazon. (See widget above.)

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Saturday, December 19, 2020

Answers from the Psychic


I finally got to talk to my currently favorite psychic whom I've found to be very accurate. She cleared up several things that had been puzzling me concerning the paranormal.

The reading with her was just yesterday, so it's still fresh in my mind. I told her that some strange things had been going on in our house that I wished that she'd explain. She then said something that was hard to believe, that our house was not haunted! I then told her that earlier in the year she had told me that our house was haunted by a man who was the previous owner. She said that he was gone! That was such a relief for Greg and me to hear!

I told the psychic that I had used a couple of cleansing techniques to get rid of negative energy. (Please see my 3/22/20 and 6/21/20 blog posts for more information about the rituals I used.) She then congratulated me for a job well done! 

I was really happy that the rituals had worked so well, but I also explained to her that just a few weeks ago, Greg and I were awakened during the night by a loud noise in our bedroom.

It sounded to both of us like something had fallen somewhere between our bed and the fireplace on the opposite wall! We had absolutely no idea what had caused this noise.

I was stunned when she said that the noise was caused by spirits attached to our area, not to our house, that the spirits were Civil War soldiers moving through! When they knocked something over in our house, it was like it was in their space, a sort of time warp! Weird!

With help from the psychic, I was then able to put everything together, to answer the questions that I mentioned in my last blog post on 11/22/20. It was all becoming clear to me now- It wasn't the previous owner at all this time, it was Civil War soldiers that we saw and heard!

The large orbs on our porch, the cigarette smoke in the yard, and...

the mysterious figure of a man that I saw two different times pass by this living room window were apparently all due to the spirits of soldiers from the time of the Civil War!

I did a little research after my psychic reading, and I discovered that cigarettes were used during the Civil War era. Greg, the psychic, and I were not sure of this fact during the time of the reading. Also, with Greg's help and the Internet, I found out about a Civil War battle in nearby Saltville because of the salt mines. My research also stated that "Federal and Confederate troops passed through the town (where we live) several times...."

So now we know. This is something we can live with. There's nothing to fear. The spirits of these soldiers are in their time period, and we are in ours, but every once in a while, we become aware of theirs. That's okay since we can always use a bit of excitement in our sleepy little town.

In nearby Abingdon, I took this photo of Christmas-caroling figures on a street corner. It seems that a sprit is attracted to this little boy figure. Could this be the Christmas spirit?

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a very happy 2021!

(Special notes-Thinking of my father today, a special spirit whose birthday was on December 19. Also, next month, I'll report what the psychic said about our nearby cabin.)

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, January 16, 2021, Becky

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Questions for the Psychic


Inquiring minds (Specifically Greg's and my minds!) want to know the answer to our questions about several strange happenings around our house, inside and out.

A few months ago, I contacted a psychic who told me about a man who used to live in our house before we bought it that had passed on. According to the psychic, he is still living with us in spirit, and we do believe she was right. 

We did a little ritual to try to get rid of him and any others that might be around, but apparently the spirit of the man is still with us. In all honesty, we didn't do the ritual she suggested, but rather another one that was in a book that is good for when you move into a new house. I used it because I already had those materials available, and I didn't want to waste them.

We decided that when we have more time, we need to do the ritual she suggested, and that we need to use a smudge stick that is burning properly. The last time I used it, it was barely burning. Since then, I have fixed it so that it burns the way it's supposed to.

I am the world's best procrastinator, and I have been really busy with my art, working on our house, and working on things for the upcoming holidays so I have neglected getting rid of negative entities since that is just not a top priority for me right now. (Maybe it should be, however!)

Here are some strange things that have been happening the past few weeks, so I have plenty of questions for the psychic:

In September, we had a yard sale, and after the sale was over, we were just playing around and decided to take some pictures-

I was a little taken aback to see these large orbs near and on Greg's legs and feet, even after all of these years of taking paranormal photos since I usually don't take pictures just to get strange things showing up in photos.

Next, Greg took my picture, and even more orbs were surrounding me! Plus, look at the colored streaks of ectoplasm on the ceiling of the porch! What was going on!

We started putting two and two together, and we decided that at least partially, it had to do with the spirit of the former owner since many of the things that were in the yard sale were his that came with the sale of the house. This included the large heart we found in our cabin that he had apparently made for his wife since he had good carpentry skills.

So our first question to the psychic is to professionally explain the paranormal activity going on in these two photographs.

Also, after we left the porch, we went toward our nearby cabin when we both smelled strong cigarette smoke. We looked around and no one was anywhere near us. We learned from a neighbor that the man who had lived in our house smoked cigarettes!

We'll see what the psychic that I'll call in a few weeks has to say about the phantom cigarette smoke!

Notice also, in the photo featuring me, the window on the far right. A couple of times, when I was in our living room, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, a partial figure of perhaps a man perhaps on the porch quickly passing by the window. When this happened, I quickly ran to the window to look outside, but I saw nothing! Greg was outside in another part of the yard, mowing.

So, I'll ask her what I saw. Was it merely a figment of my imagination, a passing vehicle, or something else?

I mentioned the cabin earlier, and I have written about it before. Here's a picture I took of some stuffed animals in the cabin. They were here when we bought the house.

I'm afraid it didn't turn out the way I intended. It is, of course, very blurred, not from the movement of the camera, but from paranormal activity. I tried taking another picture, and it turned out the same way. I got rid of all of my old dolls and stuffed animals after I saw a television show on the paranormal about spirits sometimes inhabiting images of  people and animals. 

We're really looking forward to finding out from the psychic what's going on in the cabin since it's apparently haunted, too, which I mentioned in previous blog posts.

I also have a couple of other things to ask her which I'll mention next month. There will probably be even more things, as well, knowing this place!

Be careful!

And happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, December 19, 2020, Becky

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Would You Buy a Haunted House?


I've recently been going through my many photographs, and I found three that I decided to put on this blog post. 

A few years ago, Greg and I were looking for a house to buy in Middle Tennessee. We looked at several before we found one that we really loved.

The following photos are of a house that we almost bought-

In the above photo is the den of the house. It looks perfectly normal except for the moonlike orb on the wall!

That isn't all!

Look at the mirror in the children's room with its orbs and lines!

I loved this bathroom. I thought it was so pretty! But, notice the white lines in this mirror! These are not found in a normal mirror!

Of course, just looking at the above rooms with the necked eye, most people, unless they are psychic, don't, as a rule, see orbs floating about, nor do they see lines in mirrors.

I don't see these things until they show up in the photographs I take. That is the same for my husband, Greg and my brother, Nick. We are all psychically gifted in that strange things often show up in the photographs we take.

I tell about our adventures in psychic photography in my book which is on Amazon. It's called, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind." Please see the widget above for more details.

As far as the house in the above photos goes, we loved parts of the house, the bathroom, the screened-in porch, and the beautiful kitchen. However, there were parts of the house we didn't really like. Besides, the paranormal stuff going on in there was not something we wanted to deal with at that time.

Here is more strange house stuff: The house we finally decided to buy in Tennessee was directly behind the house we almost bought, and the kitchen we loved finally came to us in the house in Virginia where we now live! The two kitchens could be twins! Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction!

Although the house we live in now is somewhat haunted, it's okay with us because it's our dream home. It's a semi-fixer-upper, and we've put a lot of ourselves into it, making it into the perfect house for us. So far, so good! Some unusual things have been happening the last few weeks in our house and cabin which I'll mention next month unless something else comes up! You just never know about the paranormal! It's just so darn  unpredictable!

Question: Would you buy and live in a haunted house?

Happy Halloween!

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, November 21, 2020, Becky