Friday, September 7, 2012

Columbia Ghost Tour, Revisited


You might have read my previous blog post, "Ghost Tour." (Please see the August 24, 2012 blog post.)  In this post I want to update the tour by telling you what has transpired since then.  First of all, I was rather disappointed in the photographs that we took on the tour.  The best we could tell, all we got was one small orb near the doorway of one of the buildings on the tour.  One of the main problems was that it was so dark that the flash had trouble picking up anything.  Therefore, Greg and I decided to go back to some of the places that were featured on that tour in downtown Columbia, Tennessee.  We went back on Saturday, September 1, one night after the full moon.  (Did you know that the best orb pictures are usually taken before, after, and during the full moon?)  This time, we went earlier in the evening, around dusk.  We discovered that was a much better time, because we did get more things to show up in our pictures.

The evidence-

These two pictures above were taken just seconds apart.  See the bright shiny orb in one picture, but nothing in the other?  (It's always good to take more than one picture of your subject so you can compare the two, as far as paranormal photography goes.)

As I was getting ready to take a picture of this house that was featured on the tour, I noticed that an upstairs light in the window on the left suddenly went off.  This house is a museum which was closed for the day.  We looked for someone to maybe come out or to turn more lights on or off, but they never did.  The only light that we noticed on during both the tour and the night we returned to the house, was the one which lit up the stairway.  (There are several orbs around the window areas and the door.)

                                                   A Spooky-looking Place!
Several doctors have lived in the house above, which is supposed to be very haunted.  It most certainly is haunted, as no one has ever lived in it for very long at a time.  (Notice the orb on the upper right of the house.)

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