Saturday, June 15, 2019

Is a Woman's Spirit Haunting Her Old House?


I have an intriguing story and photo to share with you on this blog post. Greg and I were visiting with a friend I'll call Sally a few weeks ago, and she let me take a few pictures of her cat so I could practice my pet photography. Her cat was very photogenic, and I got some great photos, but the one on this post is not that great. I would not even have shown it to a regular client. I would have deleted it, except for one small detail; it was paranormal; it had ectoplasm in it.

Sally's Cat With Ectoplasm on Glass

The photo above wasn't the only photo of this cat with ectoplasm. There was more ectoplasm in two other photos, as well. Sally has other cats, and I took a few photos of them, too, but this was the only cat that had ectoplasm in its photos.

Here's the story behind what might be causing the ectoplasm in the cat photos-

A few months ago, Sally moved to this house which had belonged to an old friend of hers, Molly, who had died there in her bedroom. Sally began to notice strange things happening like at least three times, she found the middle bathroom vanity drawer open. It had somehow opened on its own. The bathroom is near the bedroom where Molly had died. Is the spirit of Molly haunting this house?

I guess Molly's spirit has mixed feelings about Sally being in her old house since she liked Sally, but she also had a great dislike of cats, and Sally has five cats who all live in the house! No wonder her spirit is restless! 

It would be interesting, however, to find out why she was around this one cat in the photos. She either especially likes or dislikes this cat. I would think she would like it as it's friendly, and very sweet. Maybe since Molly has become a spirit, she's changed her opinion about cats, at least this one!

My sister-in-law Cris shared with me another author that she really likes, John Keel, a prolific writer who has written such books as "Our Haunted Planet" which should be very interesting. Thanks, Cris! (For another paranormal book recommendation by Cris, see my April 23, 2019 post, "Two Haunted Rooms.")

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