Saturday, May 19, 2018

A New Blog Post, Another Paranormal Photo!


During the last few weeks since my last blog post, I have gotten ectoplasm in a few of my photos, one of which I'm publishing today.

A few days ago, I was in Franklin, Tennessee when I decided to take a picture of  this neat display of flowers with bandannas on the outside of this restaurant. As usual, I wasn't even thinking about taking a paranormal photo. (Unless I'm in an obviously haunted place like Octagon Hall!) (For more info on Octagon Hall, please see my last blog post on 4/21/18, "Octagon Hall, Franklin, Kentucky.")

I took this photo late in the day, and the sun was not shining much at all. Notice the fog-like ectoplasm around the lamps and especially on the brick building next door.

This type of ectoplasm (above) is typical of other photos with ectoplasm that I've taken in Franklin in the past.

For example, here's the photo (above) which I took last October with the same type of fog-like ectoplasm as in the previous photo.

However, notice the different kind of ectoplasm, moving orbs, in front of the picture on the right-hand side of the wall in the close-up of my husband Greg's photo at Octagon Hall-

Several of these really bright, white moving orbs were in many of our Octagon Hall photos as well as the usual, more common fog-like ectoplasm as in the first two photos on this blog post.

You never know what to expect when taking paranormal photos which makes paranormal photography so fascinating!

As I said in my Octagon Hall blog post, that place is really haunted! Also, I might add, so is historic Franklin, Tennessee! The buildings there are really old which makes them more likely to have ghosts, spirits.

Did you know that Carnton Mansion in Franklin is considered to be the most haunted house in Tennessee!

Greg and I would love to go on the ghost tours in Franklin which got an excellent rating on TripAdvisor.


 Also, for many more (over 100!) paranormal photos, check out my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind" which is now available either in paperback or as a kindle download on Amazon. The book contains spirit photographs which Greg, my brother, Nick, a few other people, and I have taken.

The link to my book is:

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