Tuesday, February 20, 2024

"Our Beloved Spirit Cat" (Part 2)


This blog post* is part 2, a continuation of last month's post that I wrote on 1/21/24.**

As I said in my previous post, Greg, our cat, Mitzi, and I all miss our cat, Kallie. (We also have an outdoor cat, Kit-Cat, but there was very little interaction between our indoor cats and our outdoor one. Also, Kallie and Mitzi were littermates.)

Here's a picture of Mitzi on the loveseat in our study where Kallie often enjoyed lying. Mitzi hardly ever lay on it until Kallie passed away.

Beside Mitzi is a toy that Kallie loved.

During a psychic reading, I asked Crystal if Kallie was coming back to us as another cat, but to my great disappointment, she said that she was not, that she'll see us when we pass over, that she'll be the first one to greet us there. For now, she just wants to rest from the illness that took its toll on her.

Instead, Kallie told us about another cat that was coming to us in the spring. It will be a little young female who looks younger than she is. She is nice, sweet, and loving. She'll walk right up to our house.

Kallie also told us about another cat, an older male (around six to eight years old) who is stoic, dignified, and sweet. She said that he was at our local pet shop.

Greg and I decided that the younger female cat that's coming to us in the spring would be better for us than the male cat, but we decided to go by the pet shop to see if there was a cat there that she had described, and there was!

There were only about six cats at the shop, and there was an eight-year-old male cat that Kallie had told us about. We were stunned! Amazing reading!

Crystal said that Kallie was smart, alert, and cool., and that she knows what she wants. Kallie said that she wanted to give another cat a chance to live in a home where there was love and kindness.

Kallie was not just a cat; she was more like a human, the nicest person you would ever meet. She was very spiritual, the embodiment of unconditional love. If people were all like Kallie, what a wonderful world this would be!

She was mature. (She was more like Mitzi's mother than her sibling.) She was also graceful, beautiful, and photogenic. She and Mitzi are in both of my books. Kit-Cat is in my second book. Kallie and Mitzi are also on a stock photo site for which I am a contributor. For more information, please check out my website, www.beckyarnottartist.com.

We buried Kallie in one of our garden areas which is near our cabin. We'll put a custom-designed stone with a heart on her grave in the spring.

Notice Kallie's ectoplasm at the top of the bush. Her grave is behind the bush.

A few days ago, after my birthday celebration, I went upstairs to put away a few things, and as I was walking through our cat room, I heard a familiar clicking sound that seemed to move around the room. I called out to Greg who was downstairs, and asked him to come up quickly to see what he thought of the sound. Thankfully, he got to hear it, too. We finally decided that it was like the sound that Kallie would make when she was hitting her paws against her water dish before drinking. She liked to watch the water move in the dish.

I think it was Kallie's way of letting us know that she was still around, and that she just wanted to wish me a happy birthday!

We were so lucky for the time that we had with Kallie, who was more like our child than our pet (So are Mitzi and Kit-Cat!), and we look forward to seeing her in the future.

We're also looking forward to spring this year, for more reasons than one!

Thanks for visiting! Until around Saturday, March 16, 2024, Becky

*I'm running a bit late for this post due to some technical difficulties.

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