Sunday, December 17, 2023

"A Haunted Mansion in North Carolina"


A few weeks ago, my brother, Nick, sent me two photographs that he had taken when he and his wife, Lisa, were visiting a fabulous mansion, the Biltmore Estate, in Asheville, North Carolina which was beautifully decorated for Christmas.

The first photograph Nick sent me showed the interior of the mansion, featuring a fireplace in the beautiful library.

It looked very familiar to Greg and me since we, ourselves, have visited the estate several times around the Christmas season.

However, when I looked at the second photograph he sent, there was something very strange-

violet ectoplasm near an upholstered chair and the fireplace! Ectoplasm shows that there is a paranormal entity present.

I did some research to see why this mansion was haunted, and it seems that the previous owner, George Vanderbilt, who had passed away, apparently haunts Biltmore. He seems to especially love the library! According to the website, "North Carolina Ghosts," Mr. Vanderbilt would often "retreat into the library when he saw a storm approaching." His ghost must still be doing so, "as visitors to the estate are said to have seen a shadowy figure in the library, usually when...there is an upcoming storm."

What a lucky shot my brother got of George Vanderbilt's ghost in his beloved library! Nick, thanks for sharing! My brother is lucky, but he also has a talent for catching spirits on camera. This talent also runs in our family since I, too, possess this knack for taking spirit photographs. This talent comes from our father who captured ectoplasm in many of his photos. More people have this ability than realize it.

My husband, Greg, is also talented in paranormal photography.

I guess Greg and I will have to take a little trip to Asheville to see what we might capture on camera because the Biltmore Estate seems to have more than one ghost. George Vanderbilt's wife's whispering voice is often heard, as is also the sounds of a party going on-music, glasses clinking, etc.

The headless mannequins dressed in period clothes in several of the rooms also add to the eeriness of this place!

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Happy reading, and Merry Christmas!

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, January 20, 2024, Becky