Saturday, January 16, 2021

Haunted? Cabin in the Snow



Here we are in the throes of winter, as evidenced by this photograph that I recently took of our little cabin in the snow-

Is This Cabin Haunted?

As a mentioned on my last blog post on 12/19/2020, "Answers from the Psychic," I said that I would tell what the psychic I consulted said about our nearby cabin.

When I mentioned the word "cabin" to the psychic, she said "slaves." I then told her that our neighbor had said that there was a slave graveyard near our house, probably either behind our house on a hill which is about 500 feet away or around another neighbor's workshop which is about 200 feet away. The psychic then said that our cabin was actually on top of the slave graveyard! Wow, that's certainly not anything that I wanted to hear!

I was speechless after she said that, and after the reading, I discussed what she said about the cabin with Greg. We decided that it wasn't really anything to be alarmed about. It had been several weeks since we had heard any noises coming from inside the cabin, and I hadn't recently gotten any paranormal photographs either inside or outside the cabin.

We currently use the unfinished cabin to store our yard sale items. If we decide to finish it sometime in the future, to turn it into either a guest house or a rental house, I can get out my smudge stick and do a ritual to get rid of any entities that might be haunting the place. (Some people, though, might actually want to stay in a haunted cabin which is something to consider!)

Right now, we feel pretty good about the lack of anything paranormal on our property, and we hope it stays that way! However, the paranormal is pretty unpredictable, and you just never know!

I'll still have plenty of things to write about elsewhere as the world is full of the supernatural, especially around the old towns near us! Stay tuned!

For more information about our cabin, please see my previous "Spirit Photographs" blog posts, and for even more information about the paranormal, check out my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind" which is for sale on Amazon. (See widget above.)

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