Monday, March 21, 2016

More Ghostly Goings-on at a Haunted B & B


From now on, "Spirit Photographs" blog posts will be published late morning on Mondays. After today, the posts will be published on the first Monday of each month.

On the 1/4/14 "Spirit Photographs" blog post, "A Haunted B & B?", I told about Greg and me spending the night in a B & B in East Tennessee that was apparently haunted, and I show pictures to prove it!

We've been back there several times since I wrote that post, and nothing else weird has happened, until recently!

In this East Tennessee B & B, where Greg and I were again spending the night, I was awakened by some sort of strange noise in our room. Later, I was again awakened by a rattling sound, like paper was being rattled, twice! It wasn't Greg, because I looked over, and Greg was beside me, sound asleep! The next morning, before we got up, I told Greg about the noises I'd heard, and he told me that he'd also heard some sort of unusual noise before he'd fallen asleep.

We we got up, I found my papers, cloth jewelry holder, and a few pieces of my jewelry which had been on a table at the foot of our bed, turned upside down in a neat stack on the floor. Neither Greg nor I went near this table during the night, so we know that we didn't touch these items.

This is what I found lying on the floor in a neat stack, upside down.

What caused this strange phenomenon? We're not sure, but we're seriously thinking about spending the night somewhere else whenever we visit that area of East Tennessee again so that we can get a good night's sleep!

My brother, Nick, recently told me about a really good paranormal show that was on "Destination America," "Paranormal Lockdown," which stars Nick Groff who used to be on "Ghost Adventures." Presently, it's on Fridays 10/9C. "Destination America" also features a couple of other paranormal shows, "Mountain Monsters" and "A Haunting." For more information and video clips from these shows, visit  .

On the "Weather Channel," Jim Cantore has an interesting show, "Cantore Stories," which features various weather-related stories. Just recently, the show had a paranormal slant, and it featured the skunk ape which is in the Florida Everglades, and The Marfa (ghost) lights in Marfa, Texas. (The Marfa lights is listed as the number one place to visit in Marfa, according to "TripAdvisor."  It even got their "Certificate of Excellence"!)

Also, similar to the Marfa lights, Greg reminded me about the Brown Mountain lights which can be seen near Brown Mountain in western North Carolina.

This is fascinating stuff that you might want to check out for yourself on the Internet if you enjoy the paranormal as much as I do!

Thanks for visiting! Until Monday, April 4, 2016, Becky