Saturday, May 20, 2017

Paranormal Cat Photos and Paranormal Info


This month, there are a couple of interesting paranormal news items and a couple of paranormal photos I'd like to share with you.

First of all, on my last "Spirit Photographs" blog post (the 4/15/17 post), I told about our two cats, Mitzi and Kallie, hanging out around pictures of my family members, many of whom are deceased. I showed a picture of Mitzi, but not of Kallie since I didn't have one then, but I do now!

Here's our calico, Kallie, comfortably lying in front of a painting of my mother that my father painted of her many years ago.

The next photo features our tabby, Mitzi, asleep on a love seat.

 The ectoplasm in this photo is pretty obvious. It was, of course daylight, but there was no sunlight streaming though the window. There is apparently at least one highly spiritual entity here, as evidenced by the violet color above Mitzi.

Here is some paranormal info you might find interesting:

First of all, there is a lovely old house in McMinnville, Tennessee that is more than it seems. If you guessed that it was haunted, you'd be right! In fact, "Falcon Rest Mansion & Gardens" is having "its first-ever overnight tag-along ghost hunt on Sat., July 1," to quote the website. (Believe me, it is haunted, as I got a couple of paranormal photos outside of the old mansion when Greg and I visited a few years ago.)

It's actually a B&B with a tearoom and a gift shop, etc., and they have all kinds of special events going on at different times during the year. There's something for everyone!


Finally, a friend sent me this link to a great travel website that has a really informative article about the famous "Bell Witch" from the "creepy" small town of Adams, Tennessee that seems to have a lot of paranormal activity.

Check it out, if you dare!


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