Sunday, December 4, 2016

Unexpected Ectoplasm

On this blog post, I'm writing about the "Welcome" photo, above, for an obvious reason, the (unexpected) ectoplasm in the photo.

A few weeks ago, I was visiting a friend, and I decided to take a few pix, which is not unusual for me, as I take pictures and sell downloads on a couple of photography websites, and I also take pictures, of course, for my two blogs. I particularly like to take pictures of signs that say, "Welcome." Little did I know that I'd capture orbs in this photo.

Ninety-five percent of the time, I don't even plan to take a paranormal picture. It just happens. Here it was, in the daytime, with no flash, and orbs show up in the photo. I just have a natural knack for doing that (as do my husband and brother).

And, so much of the time, nothing shows up in the pictures you take of the so-called haunted places, but just go take pictures of everyday things in everyday places, and something strange shows up. Even after all these years of taking paranormal photos, I'm still amazed by what I oftentimes capture with my camera. And, it's just an ordinary little camera, nothing fancy.

Also, one of my blog posts that is most often searched for and read is the one about the June Tolliver House ghost photo. It's the picture of a ghostly image in the window of the June Tolliver House in Big Stone Gap, Virginia that was taken in 1964 by my brother, Nick, when he was a school boy.

This picture, along with around a hundred others. is in my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind," which can be purchased on Amazon. (Also, please see the widget above.)

In the next month or so, I'll have the famous photo for sale on note cards. I'll hopefully tell more about that in my next blog post.

Anyway, please stay tuned for more things paranormal, especially of the photo kind!

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, January 7, 2017 (Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!), Becky