Saturday, January 18, 2020

Christmas Spirits?


Christmas may be over, but some of it's weird effects keep lingering on my mind.

Greg and I worked pretty hard, getting ready for the visit of some of our family members on Christmas Day, so I took a few pictures of our Christmas decorations after everyone had left, to remember how festive everything had looked.

A couple of days later, I glanced over at our manger scene, and I noticed that the three wise men were no longer facing the holy family, but were turned facing in the direction of where Greg and I normally sit in our living room!

Close-up Photo of Manger Scene

I thought that was a little strange, but I put it out of my mind, and like Miss Scarlet in "Gone with the Wind," I decided I'd wait and think about it tomorrow.

However, it was just a couple of hours ago that I checked all of the pictures I'd taken that included the manger scene, and in a picture I'd taken of three family members opening their gifts, the manger scene was normal. I compared it to a picture I'd taken just after everyone had left, right after the opening of the gifts, and the wise men were facing away from the manger scene.

Could one of the visitors have moved the wise men for fun when no one was looking? Absolutely, but after what happened a few minutes after the celebration was over, I believe that it wasn't one of our visitors that moved them....

Greg and I had put our two cats in their room right before the celebration started, and we decided to leave them there for a few more minutes after the celebration was over while we opened our gifts for each other since the cats try to eat the ribbons, etc.

Just as we had finished unwrapping our gifts, and were discussing letting the cats out, they came down the stairs and into the living room. We were shocked since the door was hooked on the outside. We couldn't believe they had gotten out on their own!

Outside the Cats' Room

Close-up of the Latch on the Cats' Door

We were telling one of our friends about these strange Christmas happenings, and she said she was getting chills just hearing about them.

More weird things have happened since then, and even more strange things will happen, no doubt, which I'll tell you about during my next blog post in February.

In fact, I'm getting just a little unnerved, so I'm planning to contact a psychic in a few days to find out what's behind the shenanigans of these Christmas spirits, and beyond!

Hope you have a happy rest of the new year!

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, February 15, 2020, Becky