Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Old Doctor's Haunted House, Revisited


In my last "Spirit Photographs" blog post that I published on 2/17/18 entitled "Paranormal Photos, One Real and One Not Real!" I told about how a little ghost boy that I saw was not real.

However, since I wrote that post, I revisited the same old doctor's house, and from the last photo I took, I have concluded that it is indeed haunted! Of course, I haven't gotten to go into the house to take any photos since it is a private residence, but I feel sure that Greg and I would get several paranormal photos if we were allowed to go inside.

 The Old Doctor's House

Orbs and ectoplasm abound in this photo; they are on the house, on some of the windows, on the front door, on the rock wall, etc. Some of the orbs and ectoplasm are white and others are in color. Most of them have come in on sunbeams like psychic Elaine Watson explained in my paranormal book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind."

If we ever have a chance to go into the house to photograph it, I will write about it here on this blog. Our best chance to go in to take photos would be whenever the people living there move out. That could be soon because no one ever lives in that house for very long. Wonder why!

"Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind" is now available either in paperback or as a kindle download on Amazon. There are over 100 paranormal photographs in the book that I and other people, including my husband, Greg and my brother, Nick have taken. One of those photographs is the famous June Tolliver House ghost photo.

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