Saturday, January 2, 2016

Paranormal News from "Spirit Photographs"

Welcome, and happy New Year!

Today, I'd like to start the new year right with some paranormal news from this blog, "Spirit Photographs."

I hope you had a very merry Christmas.

Below is a photo that someone took of us while we were celebrating the holiday in Nashville.

Notice how blurred Greg and I look, especially Greg's face. It looks as though at least one spirit was having his or her picture taken, too! The amateur photographer who took this photo probably isn't even aware that he's psychic enough to take a spirit photograph!

We really enjoyed "The Twilight Zone" New Year's marathon on Syfy the past few days. We have a DVD with several episodes, but I'd like to have the complete series of 156 episodes which you can get on DVD on Amazon for around $150.00. (I'm saving up my pennies!) Over fifty years later, this quality show is still a favorite of those of us who love the paranormal.

Another quality show, in my opinion, is "Finding Bigfoot" on "Animal Planet." Greg and I can really relate to that show after our scary experience in West Tennessee which I describe in my 9/5/14 and 9/13/14 "Spirit Photographs" blog posts.

The season premier of "Finding Bigfoot" is tomorrow (Sunday, January 3, 2016) at 9/8C. Look for reruns earlier in the day.

A show that my brother recommends is "Ghost Asylum" which is on "Destination America." There are some full episodes you can watch on the Internet if you don't get that channel.

An intriguing book I'm planning to buy is "Do Dead People Watch You Shower?" by Concetta Bertoldi which answers questions that many of us would like to know about the spirit world.

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, February 6, 2016, or sooner!, Becky