Friday, November 30, 2012

A Paranormal Incident


(Last week, I had technical difficulties beyond my control, so I didn't get to publish my blog post.  All is well, now, as you can see.)

A couple of weeks ago, Greg and I were staying at someone's town house by ourselves.  While there, something very strange happened to me.  Greg had gone to pick up some breakfast for us, while I was in the upstairs bathroom, getting ready for the day.  I was standing at the bathroom mirror, when all of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a hand towel fall off the rack onto the top of the bathroom cabinet.  Of course, I thought that was a little strange, and tried to figure out why that would have happened.  I hadn't made any sudden, jarring movement to have made it fall.  I placed the towel back on the rack.  I thought no more about it, and dried my hair with my hair dryer.  After I finished, I glanced over at the towel, and it had fallen off again!  (No, the dryer hadn't blown it off, because I later deliberately tried to blow it off, which I couldn't do, as an experiment.)

We'd stayed there several times before, but that same towel had stayed on the rack, as most any normal towel would do.

                                     Normal Towel, Involved in Paranormal Incident

As I stood there, thinking about what had happened to me (twice!), cold chills ran up and down my  spine.  This is the kind of thing that normally just happens on the ghost hunting shows on TV, not to me!  This was the first incident of this type I'd ever encountered, and it was a little frightening.  (However, taking paranormal photographs has never bothered me.)

I mentioned the incident to the owner of the town house, and she said she and her family had never noticed anything strange happening before.  Of course, they'd never actually stayed there, as they'd only rented it out at one time to someone else. 

However, the town house owner did take the time to tell me a paranormal incident that happened to her, not too long ago, in the house where she lives which involved hearing strange noises.

Guess supernatural events are more common than one might think!  It's just that most people don't want to discuss them, out of fear, etc.

I think it's best to share paranormal experiences, because by doing so, you might just help, or at least entertain someone else!

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