Sunday, June 20, 2021

Intriguing Paranormal Stories


I have one photograph for you on this blog post today, but the photo is not paranormal because I edited out the paranormal part. The reason for this was to protect the name of the business that was at the top of the building which was where the ectoplasm was! I took three pictures of Greg in front of the building, but this was the only one that had ectoplasm.

The photo above shows Greg having lunch in front of the building that had ectoplasm near the top which is, of course, out of the range of this photo.

Many times the owner of a business doesn't want it to be known that his establishment is haunted for fear that it would scare away any customers, which is understandable. Normally, if the business owner is there, I get permission to use any paranormal photos that I have taken before I publish them. In the case of the picture above, however, the owner was not available since this is a regional chain.

For the rest of this post, I'll tell you paranormal stories that others have told me. They don't have paranormal photos with them either, but they are intriguing, nevertheless.

I recently got an email from our sister-in-law Cris from North Carolina who said she'd been meaning to send me "this little article from our neighborhood website," and that she looks "at that bridge every time we go to town." She said to let her know what I thought about it.

Here's what Cris sent me:

"ghost sightings. My brother in law has been seeing a Confederate Soldier ghost on the bridge over the Reuse River...on Covered Bridge Road. This has happened several times about 12:00 in the afternoon. Anyone else seeing this?" (This incident certainly dispels the idea that ghosts only appear after dark.)

"Echo Forest and Beyond
Yes, we had a ton of paranormal stuff happening on our property. Talked about it to our neighbors and they were having the same thing happening." 

"Buffalo Creek
It doesn't surprise me. If you look at the top of the will see a rock barrier that the soldiers used for cover during battle."

I told Cris that Greg and I would love to come and check out the ghostly goings-on there sometime, that we'd come armed with our cameras.

When we lived in Middle Tennessee, we happened to live next door to a psychic who told us that she once saw a Civil War officer on horseback, riding down our street! In fact, the whole neighborhood where we lived was an old Confederate campground with Civil War artifacts that people often found buried in the ground. No wonder it was haunted!

Earlier in my life, before I met Greg, I dated a guy who told me that when he was going to college in Eastern Virginia, he was driving by a field once when he came upon what looked like a Civil War battle being played out, but it wasn't a re-enactment! It looked real! He said that it had (understandably!) unnerved him, and that he'd never before told anyone else about the incident. 

(This was before I was into the paranormal, although ghost stories had always fascinated me. I certainly had no idea then that I had a paranormal photography gift. Had I known more about the paranormal then, I feel that I could have helped him more about what he had witnessed. However, what he said really impressed me. It was something that I filed away in my mind and never forgot.)

The Civil War soldier on the bridge in North Carolina and the Civil War battle in Virginia are both like a movie playing over and over again. It is like they are on film; they are unlike spirits who can at times even interact with the living.

My brother, Nick, emailed me yesterday, telling me that he and his wife, Lisa, had just gotten back from a trip where they visited a huge mansion, parts of which had "very creepy vibes." He said that otherwise they didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. No wonder it was creepy since two murders had taken place in that house. He said that the staff had been instructed not to talk about the murders, and I later found out that the staff was also not to mention that anything paranormal was going on, although there have been several reports of supernatural occurrences there by several witnesses!

However, in Abingdon, Virginia, the staffs of the Martha Washington Inn and The Tavern are not reticent about discussing all of their paranormal phenomena! Just check them out on the Internet!

I really appreciate those that shared their paranormal stories with me so that I could share them with you. You just never know about the paranormal; sometimes you happen to be in the right place at the right time, and you are able see or hear or feel something supernatural, and you may even be lucky enough to catch something strange on camera. You just never know.

There are plenty of paranormal photographs that Greg, Nick, and I have taken, (Greg and Nick also have the gift of paranormal photography.) and stories we have to tell in my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind" which is on Amazon. Please check out my book by clicking the widget above on this blog for more information.

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, July 17, 2021, Becky