Friday, September 28, 2012

Psychic Rip-off


On last week's blog post (Please see the Friday, September 21 post), I featured a mystery photo, one that had a strange light coming from the heavens.  I suggested that if anyone had a clue as to what caused that strange phenomenon, to please contact me by email.  So far, no one has.

This is a photo that I took shortly after the one featured in last week's blog post.  The strange light is still there, it's just not quite as strong.

I have tried to research myself, to no avail.

I even stopped by to see a psychic, but I quickly figured out that she was a fake when she wouldn't allow me to take any notes during the reading.  (A red flag!  There were other red flags, as well.)  I vowed never again to visit another "psychic" who had a big sign in the yard and another flashing "Open" sign in the window.  Most genuine psychics don't need signs.  People "beat a path to the door" of the ones who are good.

A couple of years ago, I consulted a gifted psychic who helped me unravel the mysteries of the photos in my soon-to-be published book on paranormal photographs.  Unfortunately, Elaine passed away last year.  Greg and I still take paranormal photos, but now we have no one to help us interpret their meaning.  We need  to find someone else to fill in where she left off.

In the next few weeks, I'll be looking for a genuine psychic, instead of a rip-off one, to help me sort through the photos (including the ones in these last two blog posts).

When I do get it all sorted out, you'll be the first to know.  Please stay tuned!

If you have any interesting paranormal tidbits, please contact me :

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