Friday, July 27, 2012

Energy Vortex


A vortex is an area that emits powerful electromagnetic energy.  There are several vortexes on earth such as Stonehenge and the Bermuda Triangle, to mention a couple of the most famous ones.  You can find others by doing a search on the Internet for one near you.

Greg and I recently visited a vortex in our area.  It was a place that was once sacred to a tribe of Native Americans thousands of years ago.

We spent the day there, hiking and trying to see if we could feel any special energy.

While there, we just enjoyed being out in nature, taking in the many wonderful sights and sounds.

                            There is plenty of chi (energy) around bodies of water.

And, we were lucky enough to snap this paranormal  photo which shows an area that was sacred.  Notice the almost orb-shaped lavender on the tree which I never saw before taking the picture.

(Being at these vortex areas is supposed to enhance your psychic abilities and make you more energetic.  I don't know about being more energized, because when we got back home, we were so exhausted from all that hiking that we fell into bed and slept almost ten hours, which is something we never do!)

I would have to say that the trip to our local vortex was an adventure that we'll never forget.  It was definitely worth the effort!

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