Saturday, October 20, 2012

Haunted Boyhood Home


In last week's blog post, I began telling some things about my new book which will be coming out soon.  This week, I will continue that by discussing one of the chapters in the book, "Haunted Boyhood Home." 

The "boyhood home" I'm referring to is my husband Greg's home where he grew up.  People who lived in the house often heard strange noises, and the maid just swore she knew it was haunted.

                                                 Front Foyer with Ectoplasm

Many years later, Greg and I lived there for a while to help take care of his father.  That was quite an experience, as we heard strange noises, voices, saw a strange hand print, and, of course, took several paranormal pictures.  One night, Greg even saw an apparition!   It was all rather frightening.  Let's put it this way, you couldn't pay me a hundred thousand dollars to spent the night in that house by myself!

There are more details and a lot more photos in my soon-to-be published book. 

Please stay tuned!

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