Saturday, December 21, 2019

Large Orbs, and a Ghostly Handyman?


First of all, I have two really intriguing spirit photographs to show you that my sister-in-law Cris sent to me.

Here is the first one-

Several years ago, Cris's friend took a picture (above) of Cris, two llamas, and several orbs on a cold night in the snow. A couple of the orbs are rather large.

Her picture-taker friend has a gift for taking spirit photographs just as Cris herself does, as evidenced by another photograph she sent me-

This is a photo that Cris took of a large family reunion and a large orb! To the left of the orb in the center is another faint orb. 

Spirits seem to be drawn to places where there are special gatherings of people like at reunions, churches, parties, holidays, etc.

Thanks, Cris, for sending these great photographs of orbs!

Although I don't have any spirit photographs to show of my own this month (which is unusual for me!), I do have a personal spirit story to tell, that just happened today!

Late this afternoon, Greg and I went to our storage building which is behind our house. I don't often go there with Greg, but there was something I wanted to put in there while he looked for something he needed. 

As he turned the door knob, he said that he had noticed for the past week that the door knob to the building wasn't loose any more, that it was like a handyman had come by and fixed it, although no one had. He was so desperate for an answer that he even asked me if I had fixed it. (Now that's funny! Ha, ha!) 

He even theorized that the cold weather might have tightened it up!

He had thought about fixing it himself, but wasn't quite sure how to do it, so he'd put off working on it. Also, he's been busy working on other, more pressing projects lately.

Then, we looked at each other, and had to be honest with ourselves about how the door knob got fixed-The man who had lived in our house, and had expertly built the cabin on our property, and had died a few months ago, apparently had put his skill to work on "his" doorknob! He either just loves doing that type of work or he saw a need and fixed it or he has finally accepted us, and decided to help us out!

Now, if he would just go upstairs in our house and do some work on a couple of unfinished rooms, (We're having to wait for a carpenter to come and do some work.) we'd be even happier and more appreciative!

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, January 18, 2020!, Becky

Sunday, November 17, 2019

A Haunted Swamp?


For the past few years, Greg and I have had to travel quite a bit from Middle Tennessee to East Tennessee since we have family there. Now that we live in Southwest, Virginia, we go back to Middle Tennessee occasionally to take care of some things.

On our 5-6 plus hour-long trips, we nearly always stop at our favorite convenience store on the way that has a pond that is actually run-off from the parking lot. We fondly refer to it as "The Swamp."

Since I do photography and sell downloads of my photos, I take lots of pictures everywhere I go. This swamp is at times actually very picturesque with its wildflowers and green algae covering the water. I've gotten many amazing photographs there.

But, one of the most amazing is this one below-

This is a photo I took at night in which there appears to be a large orb with some ectoplasm.

I've taken pictures there before, during the day, and I've gotten ectoplasm in some of those.

For some reason or other, this place seems to be really haunted. It could be because of wildlife like birds, snakes and even beavers that have perished there.

It would make a great setting for a murder mystery, a body found there in the swamp!

Anyway, for the most part, like most places, this run-off or pond or swamp looks harmless enough during the day unless you get ectoplasm in your photographs, but it looks and feels really eerie at night.

In the meantime, what was going on at the local dump a few months ago? (See photo below.)


(Here's a special, rather shocking note, something I just noticed a few minutes ago, just as I was getting ready to publish this post: There are two small orbs on the umbrella in the photo above! That is something to contemplate, to try to explain. Food for thought!)

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, December 21, 2019, Becky

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Eerie Apparition in England!


Have I got an eerie photo to show you!

A few weeks ago, my brother, Nick, and his wife and son went on a trip to England. Nick always sends us any unusual photos that he takes while traveling.

Well, the following photographs are certainly unusual, to say the least!-

This is a photograph of Salisbury Cathedral in England at night. If that's not creepy enough, look at the close-up in the next photo!

What is this?!!!

Here's how Nick's and my emails went, back and forth, about this strange photo-

Nick-"I was going over some of the England pics last night and came across this eerie figure in a nighttime photo at Salisbury Cathedral. I remember that no one else was on the cathedral grounds as it was about 10 pm. I've included the original and a close-up. I didn't notice anything unusual when I took the pic and hadn't seen the figure until now.
Let me know what you think!"

Becky-"Wow! Scary, creepy! Greg and I were amazed by this photo! To us, it looks like a woman in a period dress, riding some kind of animal like a horse. Their faces are almost scull-like. I believe this is an apparition because what else could it be? If you remember in my book ("Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind" on Amazon) on page 72, there was an apparition inside SALISBURY CATHEDRAL! That place must really be haunted! You were lucky to have captured this as apparitions on camera, of course, as you know, are rare. Good job!"

In another related email, Nick went on to say, "I wish we'd had more time around the cathedral that night but we were all tired. Understandably, that area had a very real feeling of eeriness and foreboding. I was hoping to find something of interest in the several pics I took and (was) really surprised when I later noticed the figure. Many times these types of images just sort of look like a certain form or shape by being "matrixed" by your brain into something which really isn't there. But, this object does look real, whatever it is...."

Thanks, Nick, for sharing!

Nick, as well as Greg and I, all have the gift of taking spirit photographs. I chronicle all of this in my book.

Nick is the one who took the famous June Tolliver House ghost photo. That photo is in a chapter of my book. To order the book, just click the link above.

Next week, Greg and I will be going to see the Barter Theatre (in Abingdon, Virginia) production of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" which is one of my favorite stories of all time.

In a Convenience Store Window

Happy Halloween!
Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, November 16, 2019, Becky

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Is Our "New" Old (Circa 1901) House Haunted?


Greg and I just recently moved to a house that we really like, but since it's so old, we wondered if it might be haunted. We've been in our new home now for two months, and we've about concluded that it is, indeed, haunted.

A house that has been around for 118 years would most certainly have at least one spirit or ghost in it!

To provide evidence for my claim, just look at the following photograph that I took during our yard sale earlier this month-

All I did to this photo was crop it off to show the paranormal aspects better, and I also added my watermark.

I cropped it even more in this photo-

Notice the obvious ectoplasm, as well as orbs, on the left side of the photo. Also, notice the antique mirrors leaning against the wall of the house. Each one has a paranormal white line running through it.

About an hour after our yard sale, I heard a loud crash upstairs. I ran up to see what had happened, when our two cats, Kallie and Mitzi, came running out of a room. I wondered what they had done, what they had been up to, but I looked around, and found nothing was amiss. Were our cats running out of the room, not in guilt over something they had done, but in fear?

I finally concluded that the former owner of the house who just recently died, didn't like us selling some of the items in the yard sale that were left at this house that he had previously owned. For example, the large orb in the photo is right above a Christmas tree that is in the white box.

What's more, there are more signs that this house is haunted-
-I took a picture of Mitzi on the stairway, and the part near her and on her were bleached out.
-Kallie often just stares up the stairway at night when no one is up there. What does she see?
-I took pictures of Greg as he was opening his birthday gifts, and ectoplasm showed up in several of the photos.
-A small potted tree on the front porch just fell over on its own; a string that was holding it upright broke. We don't know how that happened since it wasn't even windy that day.

Also, we have a little cabin on our property that's unfinished. It has no electricity or water. One day I was on the porch when I heard a noise come from the inside. How could that be when no one was in there? The door was even locked! It was supposed to have been a workshop, but apparently, the owner died before it was finished.

Our Haunted Cabin (Notice the ectoplasm!)

So, not only is our old house haunted, but our cabin is, as well, and it isn't even old!

All of this is okay with Greg and me since there doesn't seem to be any evil attached to anything that's happened so far. Besides, we're used to living in haunted houses! I tell about our houses as well as other paranormal experiences in my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind." To learn more, please click on the link above.

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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Is Fall Creek Falls State Park Haunted?


On 7/7/19, I wrote a blog post about Greg's and my visit to Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee on my other blog, "The Art of Positive Living." Everything went well. We had a wonderful visit to the park, and all seemed normal-until we analyzed some of the pictures we had taken!

This is perhaps the best one to show you what I mean!

Why all of the orbs? One can only guess, unless you are a psychic. Greg and I do have a psychic ability or a "gift" as one psychiatrist once told me to take paranormal photos, but we don't know how to interpret the photos we have taken. We leave that to other types of psychics who have the ability to do so.

My guess is that the orbs in this photo are due to the deaths of animals, birds, and fish or perhaps even people who might have drowned here.

For more paranormal, ghostly photos, be sure to check out my book on Amazon, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind" by Becky Arnott.

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, September 21, 2019, Becky

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Is a Woman's Spirit Haunting Her Old House?


I have an intriguing story and photo to share with you on this blog post. Greg and I were visiting with a friend I'll call Sally a few weeks ago, and she let me take a few pictures of her cat so I could practice my pet photography. Her cat was very photogenic, and I got some great photos, but the one on this post is not that great. I would not even have shown it to a regular client. I would have deleted it, except for one small detail; it was paranormal; it had ectoplasm in it.

Sally's Cat With Ectoplasm on Glass

The photo above wasn't the only photo of this cat with ectoplasm. There was more ectoplasm in two other photos, as well. Sally has other cats, and I took a few photos of them, too, but this was the only cat that had ectoplasm in its photos.

Here's the story behind what might be causing the ectoplasm in the cat photos-

A few months ago, Sally moved to this house which had belonged to an old friend of hers, Molly, who had died there in her bedroom. Sally began to notice strange things happening like at least three times, she found the middle bathroom vanity drawer open. It had somehow opened on its own. The bathroom is near the bedroom where Molly had died. Is the spirit of Molly haunting this house?

I guess Molly's spirit has mixed feelings about Sally being in her old house since she liked Sally, but she also had a great dislike of cats, and Sally has five cats who all live in the house! No wonder her spirit is restless! 

It would be interesting, however, to find out why she was around this one cat in the photos. She either especially likes or dislikes this cat. I would think she would like it as it's friendly, and very sweet. Maybe since Molly has become a spirit, she's changed her opinion about cats, at least this one!

My sister-in-law Cris shared with me another author that she really likes, John Keel, a prolific writer who has written such books as "Our Haunted Planet" which should be very interesting. Thanks, Cris! (For another paranormal book recommendation by Cris, see my April 23, 2019 post, "Two Haunted Rooms.")

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, July 20, 2019, Becky 

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Spirit of a Confederate Soldier?


I have a rather intriguing photo on this post today. I was taking a picture of our blooming pink dogwood tree when this colorful orb, along with a smaller white moving orb showed up in this photograph. I have reason to believe that this photo shows the spirit of a Confederate soldier on the road in front of our house which is pretty unique and somewhat scary, although I should be used to taking this type of photo by now!

Orb Showing the Spirit of a Confederate Soldier?

There are two reasons that I believe this is most likely the ghost of a soldier who fought on the side of the South during the Civil War. First of all, this whole area where Greg and I live was a Confederate  Civil War encampment. I know that this is no doubt true because bullets and other Civil War artifacts have been found in this same area. Also, our neighbor who is very psychic told us one day that she saw a Confederate soldier riding a horse down this street! This orb could very well be the same soldier, or it could even be another one since several soldiers apparently camped here.

You just never know what strange images will show up when you're just trying to take ordinary photos which makes photography so fascinating to me!

Notice carefully the photos you take. Is anything unusual showing up in any of them? If so, I'd be glad to feature them on my blog, with your permission.

Happy photographing!

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, June 15, 2019, Becky

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Two Haunted Rooms


This blog post is special because special family members sent me some very intriguing paranormal info.

First of all, my brother Nick and his wife Lisa went on a trip to Key West during the winter. (Everyone should be so lucky!)

They stayed in the Marrero Guest Mansion which is "one of the top haunted sites in Key West," according to my brother.

Marrero Guest Mansion (Photo by Nick)

And, their room was "the most haunted place in the house."

Nick's Photo of the Haunted Room

They took a ghost tour in which they learned that this mansion was "a hot spot of paranormal activity." Nick on to say that a lady who formerly lived there used their room as her bedroom, and her apparition has been seen walking near the bed!

Nick and Lisa spent two nights there. (That was brave!) The first night they heard something fall in the floor after they'd gone to bed. Nick said that it turned out to be a shopping bag that had fallen from the top of a chest of drawers for no apparent reason. The second night, they heard "creaking sounds, like footsteps, on the old wooden floor" in their room again after they turned off the lights. Lisa sat up in bed and felt as if though "someone was walking around the room near her side of the bed."

Nick went on to say that they read about "other guests experiencing similar occurrences." He said that YouTube has some good videos of investigators trying to capture some of  these sounds.

They were lucky to have come into contact with this paranormal activity which not very many get to experience.

Another family member, our sister-in-law Cris, is really into the paranormal just as we are.

She recently sent us an interesting article that was in the "Times Free Press" about a ghost in a room at the Read House in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The reporter for the newspaper wrote an article about him and his wife who spent the night in the haunted room, but nothing happened that night even though they tried to encourage interaction between them and the ghostly entity wherever it might be.

You just never know about a place that is haunted. The spirit world is so unpredictable! The spirits appear, make contact, etc. when they want, not when we in the "real" world want them to!

Cris recommended a terrific book for Greg and me. And, I recommend it to all of you. It's called "True Tales of Ghostly Encounters" by Andrew Honigman who compiled and edited the stories. I got it on Amazon for only $7.00.

Thanks, guys, for sharing your intriguing stories and photos. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, May 18, 2019 (Night of the full moon!), Becky