Saturday, October 17, 2020

Would You Buy a Haunted House?


I've recently been going through my many photographs, and I found three that I decided to put on this blog post. 

A few years ago, Greg and I were looking for a house to buy in Middle Tennessee. We looked at several before we found one that we really loved.

The following photos are of a house that we almost bought-

In the above photo is the den of the house. It looks perfectly normal except for the moonlike orb on the wall!

That isn't all!

Look at the mirror in the children's room with its orbs and lines!

I loved this bathroom. I thought it was so pretty! But, notice the white lines in this mirror! These are not found in a normal mirror!

Of course, just looking at the above rooms with the necked eye, most people, unless they are psychic, don't, as a rule, see orbs floating about, nor do they see lines in mirrors.

I don't see these things until they show up in the photographs I take. That is the same for my husband, Greg and my brother, Nick. We are all psychically gifted in that strange things often show up in the photographs we take.

I tell about our adventures in psychic photography in my book which is on Amazon. It's called, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind." Please see the widget above for more details.

As far as the house in the above photos goes, we loved parts of the house, the bathroom, the screened-in porch, and the beautiful kitchen. However, there were parts of the house we didn't really like. Besides, the paranormal stuff going on in there was not something we wanted to deal with at that time.

Here is more strange house stuff: The house we finally decided to buy in Tennessee was directly behind the house we almost bought, and the kitchen we loved finally came to us in the house in Virginia where we now live! The two kitchens could be twins! Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction!

Although the house we live in now is somewhat haunted, it's okay with us because it's our dream home. It's a semi-fixer-upper, and we've put a lot of ourselves into it, making it into the perfect house for us. So far, so good! Some unusual things have been happening the last few weeks in our house and cabin which I'll mention next month unless something else comes up! You just never know about the paranormal! It's just so darn  unpredictable!

Question: Would you buy and live in a haunted house?

Happy Halloween!

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, November 21, 2020, Becky