Sunday, February 16, 2020

Consulting a Psychic About Strange Goings-on


On my last blog post that I posted on Saturday, January 18, entitled "Christmas Spirits," I told about mysterious happenings in our old house that we've lived in for the past six months. I said in that post that there would probably be more strange things happening between then and now, and there have been. I also said I was going to consult a psychic about the strange goings-on, and I did.

Here's what happened-

The day after I posted my blog post, my husband, Greg, was in our downstairs bathroom, getting dressed, and our two cats, Kallie and Mitzi, were with me in the kitchen where I was giving them coconut oil which they love. Suddenly, I heard a rather loud noise like someone had dropped something on the floor above the cats and me which would be in the storage room where I've heard noises before.

About three times the night before, Greg and I both heard noises in the house after we had gone to bed. It was like a door was being opened and closed. Once there was a squeaking noise like the storage room door makes when it's pushed a certain way.

Finally, on January 22, I contacted an excellent psychic about all that was happening. I asked her one simple question, "Is our house haunted?"

She gave me her answer- that our 1901 house was, indeed, haunted by the spirit of a man who had previously lived here. He hangs around to see what's going on. He's very territorial, interested in what we're doing. He doesn't like us messing with his house.

He was not a nice person. He cheated people and even hit his wife. He was so mean that he is afraid to move on to the light, so he stays in our house.

The psychic told us what to do. She said to talk to him and to tell him nicely to leave us alone, that we need to fix the house.

We need to get rid of the negative energy, the sadness in the house. She suggested smudging, which we have done before on our other houses, but I also know of another method which I'll try first, by burning salt which I already have. We're just waiting for warmer weather so we can open the windows while we're doing our ritual.

Since I talked with the psychic, things seem to have calmed down quite a bit. Thankfully, we have had only a couple of weird occurrences the last few weeks.

One night, when Greg and I were in our bedroom, I quietly asked him if he'd noticed any "funny stuff" going on, and he said he hadn't. Then, the next morning, I went over to the heater in our bedroom, to turn it off, but it was already off. Greg said he had not turned it off. I figured it was our resident spirit that was letting me know that he was still here, and he wanted to show me an example of some funny stuff that I had asked Greg about. I decided to tell the spirit that we didn't want the heater messed with any more, to leave it alone.

Also, another night, Greg heard a knocking noise as he came out of our bathroom that is adjacent to our bedroom.

Besides noises, we also have photographic evidence of something strange, something that we can't explain-

Part of the time, Greg feeds our cats. I thought it was so cute, Kallie and Mitzi trailing behind him as he took their food to their room for them to eat, so I took this picture, above. Little did I know something strange would show up in that photo. (This was taken at the end of January, but we still hadn't put away all of our Christmas decorations for various reasons.)

Elaine Watson, a talented local psychic who helped advise me on my book,"Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind," (which is for sale on Amazon) said that anything that glows in a photograph is most assuredly paranormal.

The supernatural beat goes on, until we can get our cleansing salt ritual going. We may even follow up with smudging which surely wouldn't hurt!

I'll let you know more next time.

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, March 21, 2020, Becky