Sunday, June 21, 2020

Getting Rid of Negative Entities


On my last "Spirit Photographs" blog post on 5/16/20, I mentioned that I would probably use sage to get rid of any remaining negative entities and spirits on our property.

Several years ago, a local psychic, Linda, gave me a ritual to get rid of negative spirits. She told me to burn white sage which is called smudging. To do it properly, you put the sage in an abalone shell and fan it with a feather as you go through each room of  the house or other building. She said to be sure to also include the attic, basement, closets, and porches, etc., as well as the main rooms.

Burning Sage on our Front Porch

Also, it was important to throw a pinch of salt in the corners of each room as I walk through the different areas. (Another psychic Elaine Watson that I consulted while writing my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind," [See widget above for more information.] said that I also needed to put salt in all four corners of the house, both inside and outside.)

While doing the smudging ritual, I should say something like, "Any negative energy or entities in this house or on our property must leave now! You must leave, and you are not allowed to return. You are not welcome here! Only good, positive energy and entities are welcome for our best and highest good."

When cleared, Greg and I should sit in the middle of the house in a meditative state. Then, we imagine a beam of white light at every corner of our property outside. Picture the outside beams coming up and meeting from all corners above our house. They all meet like a ribbon with bows. Then, I say, "It is our intention for the beams to stay and protect our property."

Also, an actual cleaning of the house, like the floors, the walls, etc. is good.

If a negative person has been to our house, or there has been an argument, or even if I have any anger at myself, it's good to say a prayer.

I cleansed the inside of our unfinished cabin using sage, and it looked better than before, but there were still some lingering orbs and ectoplasm. Hopefully, the entities that remain are positive. If there is ever a problem, I'll take further action.

I had taken pictures of a neighborhood cat which was out on our deck several months ago simply because I love taking pictures of animals.

It was a real surprise when I saw the blurred images, some ectoplasm,...

and an almost transparent cat, in the photo above!

Apparently, something paranormal affected my camera.

I recently took the photograph (above) of our deck at night which shows no paranormal activity probably because I smudged our deck and sprinkled salt a few days ago.

I do know that smudging works., and this is why-Our house in Tennessee was on the market for four months, and we had no buyers. Many people looked at our house, but they kept finding fault with it. We just couldn't understand that since we thought that our house and yard were very attractive.

I happened to remember one of our neighbors telling us about all of the negative things that went on there before we bought the house. There were terrible arguments and a divorce, and the couples's child was purely evil, according to our neighbor. After we bought the house, the man even killed himself! Negativity galore!

I thought I'd try smudging the house to see if that would help, and less than a week later, a couple went through the house and immediately fell in love with it. They said it was perfect, and that they would look no further.

For Greg and me, that was nothing short of a miracle! It was out with the negative, and in with the positive. In my opinion, smudging can lead to happy endings!

And, happy summer!

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, July 18, 2020, Becky