Sunday, May 19, 2019

Spirit of a Confederate Soldier?


I have a rather intriguing photo on this post today. I was taking a picture of our blooming pink dogwood tree when this colorful orb, along with a smaller white moving orb showed up in this photograph. I have reason to believe that this photo shows the spirit of a Confederate soldier on the road in front of our house which is pretty unique and somewhat scary, although I should be used to taking this type of photo by now!

Orb Showing the Spirit of a Confederate Soldier?

There are two reasons that I believe this is most likely the ghost of a soldier who fought on the side of the South during the Civil War. First of all, this whole area where Greg and I live was a Confederate  Civil War encampment. I know that this is no doubt true because bullets and other Civil War artifacts have been found in this same area. Also, our neighbor who is very psychic told us one day that she saw a Confederate soldier riding a horse down this street! This orb could very well be the same soldier, or it could even be another one since several soldiers apparently camped here.

You just never know what strange images will show up when you're just trying to take ordinary photos which makes photography so fascinating to me!

Notice carefully the photos you take. Is anything unusual showing up in any of them? If so, I'd be glad to feature them on my blog, with your permission.

Happy photographing!

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, June 15, 2019, Becky