Saturday, August 24, 2013

Home, Haunted Home, Part 2


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In last week's blog post, published on August 18, I was telling about some of the paranormal things that have occurred in our new house. 

The worst thing that happened was the large board falling on its own in the garage which could have harmed my husband, Greg, had he been standing there.  I took this as a warning of things to come. Then, I remembered what a psychic friend had told me to do when wanting to get rid of any negative entities.  She told me to order them to leave, which I did.  I was furious that they would do such a thing to us, so Greg and I yelled at them and told them to leave in the name of God.  I said that when so ordered that they must leave immediately!  I said that all negative spirits must leave, because if we ordered all spirits to leave, the plants, etc. would die!

(Later, we told our neighbors about the board falling, and they said that they had remembered a loud crashing sound from the vicinity of our house and had wondered what it was.  It was that loud!)

(I found out a few days after I had published last week's blog post that the board that actually fell is the board pictured on the left.  I mistakenly took a picture of the wrong boards.  This board is even heavier and larger than the other ones.  No wonder it made such a loud noise when it fell!)

I was happy we'd done this, to try to get rid of  the negative entities, but I still felt uneasy about it all.
I then decided to contact a local psychic, to see what the heck was going on, because although nothing else major was happening, there were still little things, like hearing strange noises, and Greg getting locked out of the house! 

The psychic came and walked through our house, and what she said was amazing to us.

(What she told us I will reveal on next week's blog post.  Please stay tuned!)

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Home, Haunted Home


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My husband Greg and I were so hopeful when we moved into our new home a couple of months ago that we'd left our haunted-home past behind us.  Nothing significant had shown up in the photos we'd taken of our house before we moved in.  However, some things have happened in the past few weeks that have led us to believe that our new house is, unfortunately, haunted.

At first, little things started happening.  A ceiling fan turned on by itself.  The cats stared into space as if they were seeing something happening.  I heard the sound of a squeaky doorknob upstairs several different times when no one else was in the house.  I found a package of cookies open on both ends.  Why?

Then, early one night, when I was upstairs at the computer, I heard a loud crash downstairs.  Afraid that something bad might have happened to Greg, I ran down the steps, fearful of what I'd find.  Thankfully, Greg was in the downstairs bathroom, and he was OK! 

Together, we looked around to see what had caused the loud noise.  Greg found a large board that had fallen from its perch in the garage near the ceiling (where apparently someone had started building something.)  We'd never noticed that board before.  There was another large board up there which Greg quickly took down.

That first board had somehow just fallen on its own.  It could have been worse.  Greg had been in that very same area of the garage only ten minutes earlier!

     The Garage Featuring the Boards and the Place from Which They Fell

(This story will be continued next week.)

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Friday, August 9, 2013

New Paranormal Book Now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

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Interesting paranormal tidbit: My last two blog posts, I've mentioned the book signing for my new book, Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind .  During the day of the signing, I had a man take a picture of my husband Greg and me.  After we got back home, I noticed that in the photo there was a grid in the mirror that was behind Greg and me.  It's not the same mirror that was pictured in my August 3 blog post.  This is even more evidence that the June Tolliver House is really haunted!  Also, the man who took our picture probably has no idea that he can take spirit photos.  The truth is that we are all capable of such feats, if we just try and believe we can.

I'm saving the man's above-mentioned photo for the next paranormal book I'm currently working on. 

Please stay tuned for more adventures into the paranormal!

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Big Stone Gap Book-signing Followup


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We did have a great time at the June Tolliver House in Big Stone Gap, Virginia last week, greeting everyone who attended the book signing.  I'd like to especially thank everyone who bought my new book, Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind .

I just wanted to share with you what some people have said about my new book:

-Elaine Watson, Professional Psychic

"Becky Arnott's  intriguing stories and fascinating photographs share, as she puts it, 'the experiences of ordinary people who have had some extraordinary ghostly encounters.'  Arnott clearly has a gift for capturing the spirit world on film, with distinctive ectoplasmic shapes, patterns in mirrors, and ghostly reflections in window panes, readers, even skeptical ones, will be left with no doubt that there is a sharp connection between physical and spiritual realms."
-Karen Darlington Aldridge
Director, Living Writers Collective
Multipublished freelance writer and copyeditor

"...We would recommend this (book) to even a casual reader of spirit and ghost stories and also to the more advanced readers of the afterlife."
-Adam and Amber Mabry
Natural Ginesis

For the readers of this blog, I'd like to share with you a photo I took while I was there at the signing.
About a half a dozen people were standing around, while on a whim, I decided to take a picture of the antique mirror which hangs over the mantle in the parlor of the June Tolliver House.  We were amazed.  I was lucky to capture a really good grid in this photo.  I had photographed it before, and there is a picture of it in my book, but it was faint and indistinct.  In this picture, the grid is strong and definite.

Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind
by Becky Arnott
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I have a few more related interesting tidbits to share with you next time!

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