Saturday, March 7, 2015

Unnerved by the Paranormal


I said I'd be back writing a blog post today, and I try to be a person of my word, but this post will be brief  due to my nerves, caused by what Greg and I believe is a subtle but relentless attack on us by some paranormal force here in our house.

A strange event happened a couple weeks ago which makes me believe this is true.  One night, we had an ice/snow storm which, of course, made the roads treacherous, so much so that Greg couldn't get home from work.  That meant that I had to spend the night in our house by myself which is not something I like to do.  I decided I'd just stay up all night until Greg got home.

All went well until around 3:15 AM.  At that time, I was in the kitchen with our two cats when all of a sudden, I heard a loud sound, like a thud, in our living room.  I bravely (with weak knees) walked through our dining room to our dark living room and switched on a light.  I quickly looked around and noticed that a plaque on our mantel (which had been sitting there in that spot for a long time) was lying flat on the top of the mantel.  That explained the loud noise.  I guess that with a little effort, a spirit in-the-know could easily push that plaque down.

Wooden Plaque on Mantle

After all, that was a perfect time to manipulate an object.  Here it was, 3:00 AM, prime time for spirits, the weather was very unsettled, and poor Becky was home alone.  What could be better for a ghostly cheap thrill?

Yes, spirits can make the inhabitants of a house (even pets) feel very unnerved, even when they are not doing things like pushing down plaques.  Their best targets are those that are very sensitive.

Just as I was writing this, our calico cat Kallie, that was sitting on my lap, gazed up over my head and seemed to be observing things I can't see.  Then, she jumped down and ran onto another room.

That's okay.  In the next few days, I'm going to be consulting with a psychic to determine our best plan of action.  Greg and I had hoped that things were much better here, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Wish me luck. Stay tuned!

Thanks for visiting!  Until Saturday, April 4, 2015, (or sooner!), Becky