Friday, October 5, 2012

Paranormal Mirror


In my 9/14/12 blog post, I discussed grids showing up mainly in old mirrors.  In this post, I have a picture that I took of a new mirror which exhibits paranormal activity, including not only a grid, but ectoplasm as well.

While visiting a woman that I know a few days ago, I noticed this intriguing-looking mirror.  When she left the room, out of curiosity I took out my camera which I always carry with me, and decided to try photographing it to see if anything strange would show up.  I was pleasantly surprised when I did get these paranormal images, because the mirror didn't look to be very old.  The woman later verified that it wasn't old when I asked her about it.

I didn't want to tell her about what I'd just photographed, because I was concerned that if she knew that her mirror was perhaps haunted that she'd be frightened.  I certainly don't want to tell her name, so she will remain anonymous.

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