Saturday, July 2, 2016

Haunted Homestead Manor


Recently, Greg and I visited an old plantation-style mansion in Thompson's Station, Tennessee, Homestead Manor. It was used as a field hospital during the famous Battle of Thompson's Station during the Civil War, so no wonder it's haunted!

It's now a gourmet restaurant, among other things. While we were dining there, I asked if there had been any strange activity going on in the mansion, and the informative hostess said that waitresses have had such things happen as having their aprons tugged on.

Also, there is one employee who will absolutely not go on the third floor because of the paranormal activity there since that was where many of the surgeries went on during the war.

Blood permeated the floor boards. Many of the stains are still there. Five hundred types of DNA were found in the stains.

So, if you'd like to have a little adventure while dining, be sure and check out Homestead Manor in Thompson's Station, Tennessee. Enjoy the delicious food, if you can! Also, ask for a tour of the house which includes the third floor, if you dare!

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Until the first weekend in August, Becky