Saturday, March 20, 2021

More Spirits in the Snow from the Past



And, welcome spring!

This is the first day of spring, and although I don't like talking about snow on the first day of spring, there is something I'd like to share on this blog post that you might find interesting.

Last month, I wrote a blog post entitled "Spirits in the Snow and More" on 2/20/21. On that post, I have a photograph of our current house with snow coming down, and mixed with the snow are orbs and other types of ectoplasm.

A few days ago, I was looking through my many photos, eliminating some and putting others into their appropriate folders, when I happened to notice for the first time something strange in three of my photos of our very first house which was in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Here is one of the photographs of our old house that shows orbs and ectoplasm as well as snowflakes-

Notice how large some of the orbs are, and how many of them seem to glow. Some of the orbs are almost transparent. If you notice carefully, you can even see ectoplasm in the snow on the ground in front of the shrubs which are on the left.

The orbs and ectoplasm are no surprise to me, because Greg and I knew that this house was very haunted. In fact, I wrote a chapter about our old house in my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind." Please see the widget above for more details about my book which is for sale on Amazon.

A few days ago, I thought I'd start my spring cleaning, organizing, etc. at our current house in Virginia. As I was going through some boxes of memorabilia, I came across some writing I'd done for an English class when I was in college. I thought it would be somewhat appropriate for the blog post I'm writing now. 

Here it is-

 "Dead of Winter"
 Stark trees are etched against the steel-grey sky which unloads its snow-burden, entombing the lifeless landscape below.-Becky Arnott

Winter is gone for now, however, and a new season has arrived. We'll see what paranormal activity  we'll encounter during the next few months. Stay tuned, and happy spring!

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, April 17, 2021, Becky