Saturday, September 19, 2020

Creepy Virginia Creeper Trail


Greg and I recently visited the Virginia Creeper Trail which starts not far from where we live.

It was beautiful day. We enjoyed the picturesque scenery, and we took some pictures as we often do when we visit different places, especially when they're new to us.

I started noticing faint ectoplasm in some of the photographs like in the photo above. The horse and the small cluster of leaves behind the horse look washed out.

Not only that, look at the photo that Greg took of me below!

 When I saw this photo, I got a little upset, and said, "Just look at my face, arms, everything, bleached out! What's going on?" Greg assured me that it was okay, and reminded me of the picture I took of him on the grounds of a mansion in Georgia that is said to be haunted. In that photo, Greg's face, body, and most of the tree behind him appear to be bleached.

(The photo I took of Greg is in my paranormal book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind" which is on Amazon. For more information, please see the widget above.)

A couple of days later, at home, I ran across an intriguing book that I had bought several years ago that I had never taken the time to read. The book is "Legends, Stories and Ghostly Tales of Abingdon and Washington County, Virginia" by Donna Akers Warmuth. This is the very area where we now live. I had bought the book sometime before we moved to our present home.

I decided to look through the book, and I found a couple of pages that mentioned the Virginia Creeper Trail! According to the book, there used to be train tracks where the nature trail is today. When the tracks were being laid, many of those that worked on the tracks died due to horrible working conditions, and their bodies were dumped along the tracks in shallow graves. Therefore, the area became haunted by the spirits of the men that had once worked there!

Sounds of moaning have been heard there at night, and dogs refuse to go on the Creeper Trail at night.

My advice is to go and see the beauty and walk the trail during the day, but by all means, don't go at night!

Our cabin update: More strange things have happened in connection with our cabin/house. I'll fill you in next month unless something else even bigger happens in the meantime. You just never know!

Thanks for visiting! Until, Saturday, October 17, 2020, Becky