Saturday, October 19, 2019

Eerie Apparition in England!


Have I got an eerie photo to show you!

A few weeks ago, my brother, Nick, and his wife and son went on a trip to England. Nick always sends us any unusual photos that he takes while traveling.

Well, the following photographs are certainly unusual, to say the least!-

This is a photograph of Salisbury Cathedral in England at night. If that's not creepy enough, look at the close-up in the next photo!

What is this?!!!

Here's how Nick's and my emails went, back and forth, about this strange photo-

Nick-"I was going over some of the England pics last night and came across this eerie figure in a nighttime photo at Salisbury Cathedral. I remember that no one else was on the cathedral grounds as it was about 10 pm. I've included the original and a close-up. I didn't notice anything unusual when I took the pic and hadn't seen the figure until now.
Let me know what you think!"

Becky-"Wow! Scary, creepy! Greg and I were amazed by this photo! To us, it looks like a woman in a period dress, riding some kind of animal like a horse. Their faces are almost scull-like. I believe this is an apparition because what else could it be? If you remember in my book ("Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind" on Amazon) on page 72, there was an apparition inside SALISBURY CATHEDRAL! That place must really be haunted! You were lucky to have captured this as apparitions on camera, of course, as you know, are rare. Good job!"

In another related email, Nick went on to say, "I wish we'd had more time around the cathedral that night but we were all tired. Understandably, that area had a very real feeling of eeriness and foreboding. I was hoping to find something of interest in the several pics I took and (was) really surprised when I later noticed the figure. Many times these types of images just sort of look like a certain form or shape by being "matrixed" by your brain into something which really isn't there. But, this object does look real, whatever it is...."

Thanks, Nick, for sharing!

Nick, as well as Greg and I, all have the gift of taking spirit photographs. I chronicle all of this in my book.

Nick is the one who took the famous June Tolliver House ghost photo. That photo is in a chapter of my book. To order the book, just click the link above.

Next week, Greg and I will be going to see the Barter Theatre (in Abingdon, Virginia) production of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" which is one of my favorite stories of all time.

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Happy Halloween!
Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, November 16, 2019, Becky

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