Sunday, January 21, 2024

"Our Beloved Spirit Cat" (Part 1)


Two weeks ago, we lost our beloved cat, Kallie, to an illness. She meant so much to Greg and me. We had her for almost 17 years, and for Greg, Mitzi (our other indoor cat), and me, our loss has been great.

A few days ago, I contacted a wonderful psychic, Crystal (not her real name), who helped Greg and me overcome much of our pain. Crystal is very accurate, and she is compassionate, as well.

When I mentioned that Kallie had passed away, she expressed her sympathy and concern, but right away, she said that Kallie was happy, healthy, and frisky, and that her tail was in the air. She looks like she's one to two years old. She said that Kallie really loves us, that she hangs out here, and she wants to be with us. She feels very grateful. She got to be herself in our happy home. She loved the way our house felt; it's a lot better than when we first moved in. She didn't like the old energy. (Greg and I have really worked on our house. We have made it our own.)

 She said that Kallie really loved our fireplace.

Crystal emphasized that Kallie was very energy sensitive. I knew that she was sensitive since Greg and I are, too. We are psychic in our own ways. We couldn't give a psychic reading if we had to, but our psychic abilities manifest in other ways.

For instance, When Crystal said that Kallie was happy, with her tail in the air, that was no surprise to Greg, since a couple of days after Kallie had passed on, he actually saw the back of Kallie's tail in the air as she went around the corner of our kitchen island. 

Not only that, but during the next few days, we heard Kallie meow three different times, and I heard Kallie's paws (because of her toenails) hitting the wooden floor upstairs.

We both had several dreams about Kallie. I saw her as a kitten, and I hugged her. Greg said he had dreamed that he had seen Kallie, Mitzi, and our outdoor cat, Kit-Cat, on the deck together. (Which they never were in real life.) In another dream, Greg said that Kallie had her paw on his shoulder, probably because he had tried to help Kallie heal with reiki. (Crystal said that the reiki had made Kallie feel better, for which she was really grateful. Crystal said that Greg was a natural healer, that he didn't need any formal training since he wasn't doing it professionally.)

A couple of days after Kallie had passed, I was shopping in a store, feeling sad, and as I walked down an aisle, I saw a woman wearing a sweatshirt with a large heart on it. The heart was outlined in a fake leopard spots design. (A leopard is a big cat, of course.) About a minute later, I saw a magazine that was about cats. I believe I saw these things because of Kallie's recent death. 

(The same thing happened to me after Mama had passed away. For a few days, I'd see things when I was out, that pertained to Mama. There were just too many things to make them merely coincidences. I believe it was Mama communicating with me from beyond. And, I also believe it was the same thing with Kallie.)

I have much more to tell about our beloved spirit cat in next month's February blog post, which will include two intriguing photographs.

Please stay tuned for "Our Beloved Spirit Cat" (Part 2).

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, February 17, 2024, Becky

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