Sunday, March 17, 2024

"Eerie, Strange, Paranormal..."


I have some things to share with you today that are eerie, strange, paranormal. Some of these are weird things that have happened to others, and some are personal, that Greg and I have recently experienced.

"Many paranormal enthusiasts believe staircases are spiritual vortexes, attracting ascending (and descending!) spirits. At the Biltmore (estate in Asheville, North Carolina), visitor accounts of odd occurrences on the stairs soar in firsthand accounts detailed in online reports and comments."-

"Most of the visitors had reported seeing spirits going up or down the stairs. Sounds of footsteps had also been heard on multiple occasions. Not to be outdone, there have been reports of strange smells, cold spots, and eerie feelings when visitors would go up or down the stairs."-

Our Cat Kallie on Our Stairway, Not Long Before Her Passing

In my two previous blog posts (on 1/21/24 and 2/20/24), I wrote about losing our beloved cat, Kallie, to an illness, and about the paranormal things that manifested as a result of her passing.

Well, these paranormal events are continuing to happen. 

During the past few weeks since my last "Spirit Photographs" blog post, here are some strange things that Greg and I have encountered- (We are convinced that they are manifesting because Kallie is trying to communicate with us.)

~Here is a photograph I took of a tree right outside our dining room window when it was sleeting a few weeks ago-

In the photo above, notice what appears to be white ectoplasm near the top of the tree and the violet ectoplasm at the bottom of the tree. (Is this ectoplasm related to Kallie?)

~A couple of weeks later, Greg and I were upstairs, and just as we were leaving one room and entering the cat room, I heard a distinctive meow that sounded exactly like Kallie. Our cat, Mitzi, was downstairs, so we know it wasn't her. Besides, cats have distinctive meows, just like people have distinctive voices.

~Then, just a few nights ago, I was upstairs again, and Greg came up and told me that he had heard a loud noise in the kitchen, like a pan dropping. He said that he and Mitzi had run into the kitchen, but he saw nothing. He said that Mitzi went over near the pet drinking fountain, and was looking around. It's very possible that it was Kallie that had made that noise because she seemed to really love the new fountain that we had gotten for the cats a few weeks before she passed away. Mitzi must have sensed Kallie's presence, or maybe even saw her there. (Many animals are very psychic. They can often see and hear things in the spirit world that we can't.)

~One night, I was working on the computer in our study, when I began to hear a loud clinking noise that sounded like it came from the kitchen. It was the loud distinctive sound of Kallie's claw, hitting her water dish, to make the water move, as she had done many times before.

~One day, I was in the kitchen, when I heard a noise in the nearby laundry room, and I noticed a cardboard cat food box had fallen over by itself.

There will, no doubt, be more manifestations here at our house in the future, but we don't mind. It's so reassuring that Kallie is letting us know that she's still with us, at least part of the time, since she was such an important part of our lives.

According to our psychic, a new cat is supposed to be coming to our house in the spring, which begins in just two days. Please stay tuned!

Happy spring!

Thanks for visiting! Until around Saturday, April 20, Becky

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