Saturday, November 8, 2014

Paranormal or Not?


Sometimes things happen that seem strange, but it's not always clear if they are paranormal or not.

For instance, something in your house may not be sitting in the spot where it's usually sitting, so you wonder if someone else in the house moved it or was it moved by some paranormal means?

That happened at our house a few months ago.  One day, when I went into our guest room, I noticed that our love seat had moved about six inches to the right from where it had been sitting.  I asked Greg if he had moved it, and he said he had not.  I knew I hadn't moved it, but why was it not where it usually sits?  Then, it suddenly dawned on me-the night before, I was awakened by a loud noise which seemed to have come from across the hall where the guest room is!  (That night, I had quickly looked out into the hall and in the guest room, but saw nothing and went back to bed.)  Finally, I put two and two together and decided that apparently the love seat had been moved by paranormal means.  Now, that's scary (especially since I was having to spend the night by myself due to Greg's work schedule at that time), and paranormal!

Another strange incident happened with our television.  I was eagerly anticipating watching my favorite TV show.  I turned on the TV a few minutes early, and everything was fine.  However, when my show came on, there was absolutely no sound!  When the show went off, the sound went back on!  I couldn't believe it!  For two more weeks, the same thing happened.  I felt really paranoid about this, and in light of some of the stuff that had been going on here in the past, I blamed any mischievous spirits which might have been playing a cruel joke on me.  Finally, however, the next time that happened, I called our cable provider and the network, and I found out the same thing had been happening to others, and that it was just a technical glitch which they told me how to fix.

This is a scene from my favorite TV show, "Keeping Up Appearances."  (Although I'm really into the  paranormal and love shows such as "Ghost Hunters," "Finding Bigfoot," and "The Twilight Zone," I'm afraid Hyacinth Bucket and her hilarious antics wins first place from me.)

I am now a happy camper, but decided I'm just going to buy the complete series on DVD so I can watch it whenever I feel like it and not to be at the mercy of any more technical glitches.  (I hope!)

But, my point here is that I had jumped to the wrong conclusion, that this was a paranormal incident when it was not.

Thankfully, things do seem to be going better here at our house, now, except we did hear a strange noise few weeks ago.  Greg and I were nearly asleep in our bedroom, when we heard the very same weird, loud noise that I wrote about in my September 27, 2014 blog post, entitled "Living in a Haunted House."  I'm glad Greg finally got to hear it, but he was like me, he could not identify what the noise was because he had never heard anything like it before either!  In other words, it was what you might call an other-worldly sound!

Have a great week!

Thanks for visiting!  Until next Saturday, Becky  

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