Saturday, November 29, 2014

Radio Show Follow-up


I wanted to tie up some loose ends with a follow-up of a radio show that I was on this past Monday.  (Please see my 11/21/14 blog post for more info.)  On this show, I was interviewed about my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind."

I was asked during the interview about paranormal grids which I feature in my book.  I responded that grids were white and dark vertical and horizontal lines that appeared in many of my photographs, mainly in old mirrors.  They are supposed to be messages from beyond.  I am continuing my research, to find out more about these mysterious grids.  I asked listeners to email me if they had any further information for me about the grids.  So far, no one has responded.

Also, during the radio show, I bragged that things had considerably quietened down at our house paranormal-wise, but I spoke too soon, as the very night of the interview and also two nights later, Greg and I again both heard the same other-worldly sound we'd heard a few times before in our bedroom, in fact, the last time we heard it, Greg was in the hallway, starting to come into the bedroom, and I was in bed.  The best way I can describe this noise is that of the strum of an electric harp or maybe the sound of a radio not quite tuned in.  Greg thought it sounded like a pop.  Anyway, it's a very quick sound which makes it even harder to identify, or to even know the direction from which it's  coming!  (I've written about this sound before in an earlier blog post.  Please see my 9/27/14 post.)

This is the area of our bedroom from which I believe the strange sound comes.  However, Greg thinks it's coming from our closet.  

What I'll probably end up doing, is to call one of my favorite psychics next week about both the grids and the mysterious sound.  She's very good at describing the hidden meaning of things.

For anything paranormal you need to discuss with me, my email address is: .

Thanks for visiting!  Until next Saturday, Becky

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