Saturday, November 15, 2014

Paranormal Odds and Ends


On this blog post, I have some paranormal odds and ends to share with you.

First of all, I'd like to thank a loyal reader from Tennessee who responded to my request to email me, to help solve the mystery of the mystery photo on my October 31, 2014 blog post.  In this picture, taken by my husband, Greg, there is a ray of light shining down from the sky directly behind me, as well as on me.  My face even looks a little obscured, as well (which is not altogether a bad thing!).  Anyway, this reader said she thought that "the park bench picture captured a glimpse of the Light of God's Perfect Love, shining down upon you."  That's so beautifully said!  Thank you so much, Patricia.  Who knows?  She very well could be right.  I feel like this is a very spiritual photo.

I'll have this photograph in my next paranormal book when I'll expound on it further.

If anyone else has any more comments pertaining to that photo or about anything else paranormal, please email me with those, as well at:

Greg and I had something funny happen this past week.  I was sitting at the computer when all of a sudden, I heard a high-pitched noise that I couldn't identify or find out where it was coming from.  I called to Greg who was downstairs, and he couldn't figure it out either.  We went all through he house, but we couldn't pinpoint what it was or where it was coming from.  Suddenly, Greg said that he thought I must be causing it, for the noise was wherever I happened to be.  We both thought it had to be in the realm of the paranormal.  Finally, when we had about given up hope, and had resigned ourselves to the the fact that we'd have to wear earmuffs to bed every night if we wanted to get any sleep, we heard a warped alarm-type sound.  I checked my pocket and found the timer I had placed in it about an hour earlier.  The timer had been making the weird sound that whole time just because its battery needed changing.  It was a relief knowing that I wasn't haunted after all!  The paranormal does sometimes have its humorous side which I also tell about in my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind."


Tomorrow (Sunday, November 16, 2014), "Finding Bigfoot" is on "Animal Planet" at 10:00 P. M. Eastern Time.  On this episode, the investigators are in Idaho.  There's a preview on the "Animal Planet" website.  ("Finding Bigfoot" is also on earlier in the day and at 11:00 P.M. in reruns.)

We really like this show since we think we had a close encounter with a Bigfoot in Tennessee earlier this year.  Check out my previous blog posts ( 9/5/14 and 9/13/14) about this incident if you haven't already.

 Thanks for visiting!  Until next Saturday, Becky

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