Saturday, April 15, 2023

Two Unusual Photographs, One Creepy, One Paranormal


Last month in my 3/18/23 blog post, entitled "A Psychic Reading, and a Paranormal Update," I said that a talented psychic named Maria (not her real name) had done a reading for me about a couple of Greg's and my paranormal photographs which I wrote about in that post. I also mentioned that I had another (Really creepy!) photograph that I had asked her to interpret, but I said that I would save it for this April blog post.

I also have an additional photograph to share in this post. 

So, today, I have two unusual photographs, one creepy, one paranormal.

The creepy photo is the one that my brother, Nick, sent me that someone had sent him, a picture of woman who had taken a selfie in a famous Southern hotel. When the woman looked at the picture she had taken, she had thought it was a ghost since the place is known to be haunted.

Weird Photo! (I cropped off the woman who took the selfie, for her privacy, but I left the "ghost" part of the photo.)

Nick was confounded by it, and he wanted to know what we thought of it.

Greg and I were as puzzled as Nick was, and we felt that the photo was just weird, very strange, not anything that we normally encountered, even with all of the paranormal photographs we have taken throughout the years.

So, I very briefly described the photo to the psychic (She doesn't even need to look at the pictures that she interprets.), and Maria said that the 'ghost' was a real person, not from the spirit world, and that he has a different aura since his aura has changed. He's weird and off-balance. He's thinking about death. She said that in one to three months there would be an accident.

(At least I got the "weird" part right), but it's also very sad, and strange that the woman who took the photo would capture that man in the photo at the very same time that she took the selfie!

Also, most people think that all paranormal photos are scary, but they don't have to be.

Just recently, Greg and I went out of town, and we ate at a restaurant that was new to us. On the wall there was a neat welcome sign which I got permission to photograph since I collect photos of welcome signs, some of which I put at the beginning of my "The Art of Positive Living" blog posts.

After I'd taken a picture of following unique sign, I noticed a faint orb on the right side of the photo-

I wasn't surprised to see the orb since I had thought before we left on our trip that it would be nice if some of our loved ones in the spirit world would be with us on our trip.

According to the photo above, I believe that they were!

For more paranormal photographs (over 100!) and for more information about the spirit world, please click on the widget above which will lead you to my Amazon Kindle eBook, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind."

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, May 20, 2023, Becky

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