Sunday, October 22, 2017

Supernatural Cats


Greg and I don't have to go very far to take spirit photos. In fact, we can get plenty of paranormal pictures right around and even in our own house! This blog post mostly deals with cats and the supernatural!

Since "a picture is worth a thousand words," here are two photos that say it all!-

This is the back of our house. I was taking a picture of it to compare its size to the size of Greg's elephant ears plant, but I didn't know there would be ectoplasm in the windows! In fact, there is an image of a ghostly cat's head in the window on the upper right of our house where our cats' room is located!

Speaking of cats, here's a picture of our Kallie, surrounded by orbs!

This is the photo I took of Kallie which I briefly mentioned in my last "Spirit Photographs" blog post (9/16/17). Here, our cat is looking at our neighbor's cat which is outside, and if they ever got together, the fur would fly! With all of that energy, no wonder there are so many orbs! It could even be that the spirits in our house have gathered to watch the furry confrontation.

In my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind," there are over 100 of Greg's and my paranormal photographs which gifted Tennessee psychic Elaine Watson (now deceased) so expertly interpreted. Our kitties, Kallie and Mitzi, are featured in several of those photos.

"Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind" is available now, either in paperback or as a kindle download.

Be sure to get in on the Halloween fun during the next few days.

Besides trick-or-treating, there are lots of neat things going on around the country.

-WKRN, Nashville, will present "Haunted Tennessee" this Thursday, October 26. Last year's haunted subjects are featured on WKRN's website.

-For all of us "Munsters" fans, there will be a "The Munsters" marathon on Cozi TV this Saturday, October 28.

-There's a "Creepy Hollow Haunted Woods" event in Spring Hill, Tennessee that you might want to check out since it is a well-done production that has been rated "very scary."

-Also, on October 28, there will be a paranormal Halloween investigation at Henry Horton State Park in Chapel Hill, Tennessee where you just might see a real ghost! has "American Super/Natural" videos from 2014 which are weather-related true tales of the supernatural.These are well-done, quite good, and creepy!

Happy Halloween!

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, November 18, 2017, Becky

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