Monday, October 21, 2013

A Book Signing at Maury County Public Library


Last week, there was a book signing at the Maury County Public Library in Columbia, Tennessee for my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind."

First of all, I'd like to thank those who came to the signing and bought my books, and I'd like to express a special thanks to Adam Southern, reference librarian, who hosted this event, complete with refreshments.

Here's what happened during part of my visit to the library, in words and pictures: (As always, all blog post material is under the copyright of Becky Arnott.)

                           This old sign was restored for its present use in the library.

                                                          Site of the Book Signing

Here are two of our participants (Molly Brasfield and Debbie Brasfield) with Adam Southern who, besides working in the library, also gives ghost tours of Columbia.  (Please see my Friday, August 24, 2012 blog post for more information.)

While there, I tried to capture the spirit world on film, as Adam told us that the library was haunted.  I was hoping that ectoplasm or some other spirit phenomenon would show up in the mirror that I brought with me from home, but all I got were streaks (because it's an old mirror) and reflections.* (See below.)

If you have really sharp eyes, you can see one very faint orb on the floor area.  The reason I took pictures in this part of the library is because Adam said that this is where the "lady in white" has often been spotted, especially around 8:00 PM.  (I'll have you know that we all evacuated the building before eight o'clock!  It's one thing to take a picture of some orbs, but quite another for a spirit to make an appearance right before your very eyes!)

Someone who was at the signing said that she went over and casually touched the mouse of one of the computers, and shortly after it came on, the computer beside it turned itself on!  Guess that was a high-tech type of ghost!

*Look how different the mirror looks in this picture that I took after I got back home that night!  I've about concluded that the imagery in at least some of the mirrors changes as they are moved to different places.

The paranormal is always so intriguing! 

Thanks for visiting!  (My next blog post will be next Monday, October 28 when I'll tell about the paranormal happenings at a big paranormal event in Big Stone Gap, Virginia.  Please see the end of my last blog post [Sunday, October 13] for details.)  -Becky

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