Saturday, November 18, 2023

Paranormal Photograph!


Of course, you may know by now that I have a gift of taking paranormal photographs, especially when I least expect it.

However, a few weeks ago, when Greg and I were visiting Jonesborough, Tennessee, I saw this beautiful old church, and I decided to take a picture of it since I had a feeling that I'd get a paranormal photograph.

I guess I was right, as you can see in this closeup-

Notice the ectoplasm and colorful orbs in this photo.

I knew that there was a good change that this church was haunted since it is located in Jonesborough which is the oldest town in Tennessee, and a few years ago, we went on a ghost tour there. We found out then that this town is really haunted!

In my book about the paranormal, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind," I have a photograph of another old church, and you can see a large flow of energy that goes from the ground toward heaven. Psychic Elaine Watson said that the spirit energy was from someone who had attended church there.

If you like paranormal photographs, you'd love my book since there are over 100 spirit photographs that my husband, Greg, and my brother, Nick, and I have taken in the past, here in this country, as well as abroad. For more information about this Kindle book which is on Amazon, just click the widget above.

And, if you are fascinated by the paranormal, you're sure to love a fascinating radio show that I listened to late one night when I was up working on a pet portrait commission. The show is "Coast to Coast AM." ( The night I listened to it, it was about a ventriloquist's dummy that was haunted. (Really creepy!) They have a different focus on the strange, the unusual, every night.

On the show, they said that the paranormal is on the rise! Stay tuned!

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, December 16, 2023, Becky

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