Saturday, September 16, 2023

Ghostly Family Photographs


I stay pretty busy with my writing, art, and photography, but the past few days, I've taken some time out from the arts to straighten and organize some things that I really needed to get done. While looking through some old papers, I ran across an old photograph that my father had taken of me when I was an infant.

(Becky Arnott Photography)
Photograph of Me with a Cake, Etc.

The photo was of a special occasion, my first birthday, complete with a birthday cake with one candle. 

(There were no digital cameras in those days. There were just film cameras, so you really didn't know what your pictures were like until the film was developed.)

Notice all of the white ectoplasm in this photo! I'm sure Daddy didn't realize that it was ectoplasm. He, no doubt, thought that the film had just messed up. Apparently, several spirits were really excited about my first birthday celebration!

I have noticed that several of Daddy's photos had ectoplasm in them. In fact, he was actually a talented spirit photographer! My brother, Nick, and I got that same talent from Daddy.

My husband, Greg, also has that talent which he apparently got from his father. We know at least one photograph which his father took of a family gathering that contained ectoplasm.

One day, a sister-in-law once took a picture of Greg and me standing in front of a haunted mansion, and ectoplasm showed up in the photo. I believe it surprised her since she didn't know that she could take paranormal photos.

You might check out your family, etc. photographs. Some of them might be ghostly! You just never know!

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Thanks for visiting! Until, Saturday, October 21, 2023, Becky

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