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We are all psychic in varying degrees.  Some people's psychic abilities are just more pronounced than others.  Although I have the ability to take paranormal photographs, I couldn't give anyone a psychic reading if my life depended on it.

Psychics who do readings have helped me throughout my life in many ways.  For instance, a gifted psychic was valuable when I wrote my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind."

I just finished talking with one of my favorite psychics on the phone, and she really helped me  a lot.  I felt that someone in the psychic community had hurt my feelings, had let me down.  I discussed the person with the psychic who helped me sort  through everything.

Psychics are much better than regular counselors because they know the hidden meaning of things.  They know what's in people's hearts and minds.  Of course, you need to get someone who is a genuine psychic.  You don't want a fake who makes up things just to get your money.

Some of the best ones, in my opinion, are the Heritage psychics, based at the Heritage Holistic Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia, although many of the psychics actually live in different states.  I've talked with most of them, but I have a couple I call more often, according to what I need to discuss.  For instance, the one I talked with tonight is great in describing and analyzing the people in your life which is with what I usually need the most help.

I also plan on using a psychic in the new paranormal book I'm working on now.

(Just be aware that no psychics are one hundred percent accurate.)

Heritage Holistic Center
Virginia Beach, Virginia

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